Character Tables


Character listings

The first table lists a large collection of characters (including at least all the characters with MathML entity definitions) ordered by unicode number. The second table lists all the MathML entity names, in alphabetic order.


Unicode Character blocks

The tables in this section each display a block of 256 Uniocde character positions. For reference the Unicode names for blocks of characters are also given together with links to pdf files available from the unicode site showing these characters.

Block Range Description
00000-000FF Controls and Basic Latin, and Latin-1 Supplement
00100-001FF Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B
00200-002FF IPA Extensions, Spacing Modifier Letters
00300-003FF Combining Diacritical Marks, Greek [and Coptic]
00400-004FF Cyrillic
02000-020FF General Punctuation, Superscripts and Subscripts, Currency Symbols, Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols
02100-021FF Letter-like Symbols, Number Forms, Arrows
02200-022FF Mathematical Operators
02300-023FF Miscellaneous Technical
02400-024FF Control Pictures, Optical Character Recognition, Enclosed Alphanumerics
02500-025FF Box Drawing, Block Elements, Geometric Shapes
02600-026FF Miscellaneous Symbols
02700-027FF Dingbats, Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A, Supplemental Arrows-A
02900-029FF Supplemental Arrows-B, Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
02A00-02AFF Supplemental Mathematical Operators
03000-030FF CJK Symbols and Punctuation, Hiragana, Katakana
0FB00-0FBFF Alphabetic Presentation Forms
0FE00-0FEFF Variation Selectors, Combining Half Marks, CJK Compatibility Forms, Small Form Variants, Arabic Presentation Forms-B
1D400-1D4FF Mathematical Styled Latin (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Script, Bold Script begins)
1D500-1D5FF Mathematical Styled Latin (Bold Script ends, Fraktur, Double-struck, Bold Fraktur, Sans-serif, Sans-serif Bold begins)
1D600-1D6FF Mathematical Styled Latin (Sans-serif Bold ends, Sans-serif Italic, Sans-serif Bold Italic, Monospace, Bold), Mathematical Styled Greek (Bold, Italic begins)
1D700-1D7FF Mathematical Styled Greek (Italic continued, Bold Italic, Sans-serif Bold), Mathematical Styled Digits