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HTML Patent Advisory Group (PAG)
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Under W3C Current Patent Practice, this Patent Advisory Group (PAG) was launched due to the discovery of specific patent claims likely to be essential to W3C work that are not available on royalty free terms. As stated in its charter, the mission of the HTML PAG is to study issues for HTML-related Working Drafts and Recommendations raised by the court case of Eolas v. Microsoft and US Patent 5,838,906 in which the court ordered that royalty fees be paid to the patent holder.


Public Mailing List

The public mailing list is public-web-plugins@w3.org. Browse the archive.

About the HTML PAG

The participants of the HTML PAG are: Anders Arvidsson (Nokia), Jonny Axelsson (Opera), Benoit Bezaire (Corel), Seth Brown (AOL), Beth Epperson (AOL), Mike Foley (Microsoft), Alexander Franco (AOL), Michael Gelblum (Oracle), Heiko Hahn (Adobe), Michele Herman (Microsoft), Philipp Hoschka (W3C), Eric Hyche (RealNetworks), Masayasu Ishikawa (W3C), Alan Kotok (W3C, Chair), Susan Lesch (W3C, Scribe), Jeff Myers (Sun Microsystems), Steven Pemberton (CWI/W3C), Subramanian Peruvemba (Oracle), Barry Rein (Pennie & Edmonds for W3C), Kenneth Stein (Pennie & Edmonds for W3C), Steven Stewart (RealNetworks), Norman Walsh (Sun Microsystems), and Daniel Weitzner (W3C).

Chair: Alan Kotok (kotok@w3.org)
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