W3C RDF in XHTML Taskforce Charter

Dominique Hazaël-Massieux, W3C
Previous charter:
June-July 2003

Status: This document in an informal charter of the "RDF in XHTML" Taskforce between the SemWeb CG and HTML WG.


Folks would like to embed RDF in XHTML documents. See RDF in XHTML for more background and proto-requirements.

Table of Contents

Mission Statement

The task of the RDF in XHTML Taskforce is to:

The task force is expected to report 2 months after it begins. Discussions of the task force will be public. The chair of the task force is Joseph Reagle. Membership of the task force is open to all those interested in facilitating the above tasks.


See the RDF in XHTML Requirements and Plan


The task force will deliver:

  1. Requirements
  2. A Plan for the satisfaction of those requirements

Duration and Milestones

This Task Force is scheduled at the discretion of the SemWeb CG and HTML WG; this charter is set to last 3 months, until mid-November 2003

Mid-August/Mid-September 2003
Finalization of the requirements document
Mid-September/Mid-October 2003
Detailed evaluation of the technical solutions; estimation of the resources needed for them
Set up of a detailed plan of action, coordination with the working groups involved
18 November 2003
Evaluate progress and continue if appropriate, otherwise terminate.


This charter, the Taskforce web page, and the mailing list and archives will be publicly accessible. Participating activities should be careful not to disclose information in the process of coordination that is not public.

Coordination with Other Groups

W3C Activities

The Semantic Web CG and HTML WG are the chartering groups. Other groups that might be of relevance is the RDF Core WG, RDF IG, Hypertext CG, and XML Core and Schema WGs.

Communication Mechanisms

Taskforce Home Page

See the RDF in XHTML Requirements and Plan

Mailing List

Participants must subscribe to and participate in the public-rdf-in-xhtml-tf@w3.org mail list.


No teleconferences are foreseen presently, but will be convened as necessary.

Face to Face Meetings

No face-to-face meetings are expected.

Communication with the Public

This working group is public readable, Taskforce writable.