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Technical Report References

Peruse an SVG display of TR inter-references and the RDF datasource. The size of each TR is based on the number of other documents which cite it, and the brightness of each is based on the number of documents it cites. Mousing over a document, cited documents are colored in red, and documents citing that document are colored in blue.

There is also an IsaViz generated SVG version with all relationships drawn out, but it may be a little difficult to comprehend.

'References' in this context refers to the closed set of W3C Recommendations. Non-W3C documents such as RFC's and non-Recommendation status W3C documents were left out of the analysis. Reference documents which were not yet Recommendations at the time of a document's publication are also not included.

The process is not automated, requiring a good deal of visual inspection, but it is aided significantly by semantic web tools. The documents to consider were extracted from the TR data by a different project. That data was modified slightly to point at a separate references document if necessary. The RDF used in this project is then extracted from the TR documents themselves.

Some rules are used to merge URIs that point at the same document, using cwm, and other data from uncooperative documents is merged in to produce a raw RDF file. This intermediate file is then checked by hand and by some helpful rules before being processed by an XSLT stylesheet into SVG.

Makefile rec-control.rdf tr-normative-ref.xsl matching.n3 ruby.rdf show-unmatched.n3 refs.rdf convert.xsl

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