XPointer Specification Errata

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This document records known errors in the XPointer Specification for which there are approved fixes.

The errata are separated into 3 sections, corresponding to the 3 sections of the specification:

Errata for each part are numbered separately. Errata for XPointer Framework are numbered with a prefix beginning with "E0-", errata for XPointer element() scheme are identified by "E1-", and errata for XPointer xmlns() scheme are numbered with "E2-". The errata within each section are classified as Error, Editorial or Clarification and listed in reverse chronological order of their date of publication. Three kinds of changes are highlighted: new, added text, changed text, and deleted text.

Errata for XPointer Framework

None as yet.

Errata for XPointer element() scheme

None as yet.

Errata for XPointer xmlns() scheme

None as yet.