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Package org.w3c.dom.html2

Interface Summary
HTMLAnchorElement The anchor element.
HTMLAppletElement An embedded Java applet.
HTMLAreaElement Client-side image map area definition.
HTMLBaseElement Document base URI [IETF RFC 2396].
HTMLBaseFontElement Base font.
HTMLBodyElement The HTML document body.
HTMLBRElement Force a line break.
HTMLButtonElement Push button.
HTMLCollection An HTMLCollection is a list of nodes.
HTMLDirectoryElement Directory list.
HTMLDivElement Generic block container.
HTMLDListElement Definition list.
HTMLDocument An HTMLDocument is the root of the HTML hierarchy and holds the entire content.
HTMLElement All HTML element interfaces derive from this class.
HTMLFieldSetElement Organizes form controls into logical groups.
HTMLFontElement Local change to font.
HTMLFormElement The FORM element encompasses behavior similar to a collection and an element.
HTMLFrameElement Create a frame.
HTMLFrameSetElement Create a grid of frames.
HTMLHeadElement Document head information.
HTMLHeadingElement For the H1 to H6 elements.
HTMLHRElement Create a horizontal rule.
HTMLHtmlElement Root of an HTML document.
HTMLIFrameElement Inline subwindows.
HTMLImageElement Embedded image.
HTMLInputElement Form control.
HTMLIsIndexElement This element is used for single-line text input.
HTMLLabelElement Form field label text.
HTMLLegendElement Provides a caption for a FIELDSET grouping.
HTMLLIElement List item.
HTMLLinkElement The LINK element specifies a link to an external resource, and defines this document's relationship to that resource (or vice versa).
HTMLMapElement Client-side image map.
HTMLMenuElement Menu list.
HTMLMetaElement This contains generic meta-information about the document.
HTMLModElement Notice of modification to part of a document.
HTMLObjectElement Generic embedded object.
HTMLOListElement Ordered list.
HTMLOptGroupElement Group options together in logical subdivisions.
HTMLOptionElement A selectable choice.
HTMLOptionsCollection An HTMLOptionsCollection is a list of nodes representing HTML option element.
HTMLParagraphElement Paragraphs.
HTMLParamElement Parameters fed to the OBJECT element.
HTMLPreElement Preformatted text.
HTMLQuoteElement For the Q and BLOCKQUOTE elements.
HTMLScriptElement Script statements.
HTMLSelectElement The select element allows the selection of an option.
HTMLStyleElement Style information.
HTMLTableCaptionElement Table caption See the CAPTION element definition in HTML 4.01.
HTMLTableCellElement The object used to represent the TH and TD elements.
HTMLTableColElement Regroups the COL and COLGROUP elements.
HTMLTableElement The create* and delete* methods on the table allow authors to construct and modify tables.
HTMLTableRowElement A row in a table.
HTMLTableSectionElement The THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements.
HTMLTextAreaElement Multi-line text field.
HTMLTitleElement The document title.
HTMLUListElement Unordered list.

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