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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Add link to the edcopies (once they are ready for review) Yves Lafon 2009-02-03
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Li to add some wording to clarify the use of NotifyTo (re: issue 6426) Li Li 2009-02-03
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Raise issue about cardinality of xs:any, relative to issue 6398 Doug Davis 2009-02-03
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Update proposal to include wsam:Action Gilbert Pilz 2009-02-03
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Update admin page with f2f logistics Yves Lafon 2009-02-10
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Open a poll to determine attendance Yves Lafon 2009-02-10
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Ask the TAG for more specific issues related to these specifications Ashok Malhotra 2009-03-12 Transfer
ACTION-8 (edit) closed As owner of 6533. Yves Lafon 2009-03-04 Transfer
ACTION-9 (edit) closed As owner of 6548 Geoff Bullen 2009-03-04 Resource Transfer
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Issue-6549 needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Issue-6550 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Issue-6552 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Issue-6551 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-04-21 Resource Transfer
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Take proposal on defining another approach for the resolution to Issue-6398 to the mailing list Geoff Bullen 2009-02-20 Transfer
ACTION-15 (edit) closed re: Issue-6401, Take up outpout only operations at WS-I BP Gilbert Pilz 1970-01-01 Eventing
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Prepare FPWD boiler plate Yves Lafon 2009-02-24
ACTION-17 (edit) closed As owner of 6588 Doug Davis 2009-03-03
ACTION-18 (edit) closed As owner of 6594 Doug Davis 2009-03-03
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Issue-6595 Needs detailed proposal Gilbert Pilz 2009-03-03 Eventing
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Issue-6603 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-21 (edit) closed As owner of 6604 Doug Davis 2009-03-03
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Crate proposal for 6587 Katy Warr 2009-03-03
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Refine proposal for 6424 wu chou 2009-03-03
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Issue-6402 Needs detailed proposal Doug Davis 2009-06-30 Eventing
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Issue-6407 needs detailed proposal Doug Davis 2009-06-30 Resource Transfer
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Issue-6411 Needs detailed proposal Doug Davis 2009-06-30 MEX
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Issue-6421 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-04-26 Eventing
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Issue-6576 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Issue-6578 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Issue-6579 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Issue-6632 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Issue-6633 Needs detailed proposal Geoff Bullen 2009-08-28 Resource Transfer
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Will create new issues to apply similar pattern to remainder of eventing spec and each of the other remaining specs. Bob Freund 2009-03-17
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Prepare an element based proposal for issue 6428 Li Li 2009-03-17
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Write a counter proposal to 6429. Gilbert Pilz 2009-03-17
ACTION-36 (edit) open Write a draft proposal for management of migration notes. Ram Jeyaraman 2010-02-28
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Raise issue for explanatory text wrt 6675. Gilbert Pilz 2009-03-17
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Add Notification setup to CVS for Editors drafts Yves Lafon 2009-03-18
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Issue-6413: Produce a document on frag support as an extension. Katy Warr 2009-03-18
ACTION-40 (edit) closed And DaveS to collaborate on a discussion document about how to proceed with potential TAG issues Asir Vedamuthu 2009-03-18
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Work with Wu on text for 6595 Gilbert Pilz 2009-03-18
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Examine current spec and generate new Issue-6429 proposal text for group review wu chou 2009-03-18
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Open a new issue for Eventing processing order (Inspired by Issue-6428) Doug Davis 2009-03-18
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Address Doug's 3 concerns Li Li 2009-03-18
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Create red-line text for Issue-6533 Safeness of operations Yves Lafon 2009-08-15 Transfer
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Create an example for a representation of a resource after a create resource rel to Issue-6636 Doug Davis 2009-03-19
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Create a new issue that takes on the second part of Issue-6636 Geoff Bullen 2009-03-19
ACTION-48 (edit) closed With Wu and Dug to develop a proposal for the resolution of 6401 using input operations Gilbert Pilz 2009-03-19
ACTION-49 (edit) closed And Wu to work on a new proposal to resolve 6432 Doug Davis 2009-03-19
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Create issue for policy issue for implicit operations Katy Warr 2009-03-19
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Issue-6691 Reconcile T/TR faults - prepare proposal Katy Warr 2009-09-30 Transfer
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Describe the text the covers the empty case in issue-6594 Doug Davis 2009-03-24
ACTION-53 (edit) closed And Asir We need to use use cases for Mode not equal to Push Mode to better understand why it is needed. wu chou 2009-03-31
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Consolidate 6730 proposals for consideration next time Ram Jeyaraman 2009-04-14
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Prep a consolidated proposal for issue 6730 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-04-14
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Respod to reviewer on 6725 Doug Davis 2009-04-14
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Prepare new proposals for 6594, 6672, and 6673 Geoff Bullen 2009-04-21
ACTION-58 (edit) closed (upon completion of 6739) highlight the differences across WS-RA conformance sections Doug Davis 2009-04-28
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Propose CLARIFICATION text to resolve issue 6712 Geoff Bullen 2009-04-28
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Create a conterproposal for 6403 by next week Geoff Bullen 2009-05-05
ACTION-61 (edit) closed And Gil to prepare text by next week Li Li 2009-05-05
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Provide new words for 6432 by May 8, 2009 wu chou 2009-05-05
ACTION-63 (edit) closed List all the different proposals for 6692 and their pros and cons. In next 2 days. Seperate proposals and argument. Geoff Bullen 2009-05-05
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Generate may 1st snapshots Yves Lafon 2009-05-12
ACTION-65 (edit) closed And Ashok to write up a constrained policy mode proposal Doug Davis 2009-05-26
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Issue-6917 Li and Dug to explore proposals and start a thread on this topic Li Li 2009-05-26 Eventing
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Open an issue to solve versioning and partial PUT in Transfer AND provide a proposal Issue-7013 Yves Lafon 2009-08-29 Transfer
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Prep a concrete proposal based on directional proposal a) for issue 6712 Doug Davis 2009-06-16
ACTION-69 (edit) closed re-work the proposal for issue 6956, due tomorrow! Geoff Bullen 2009-06-10 Enumeration
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Write a concrete proposal to capture the decisions to-date on Issue-6692 Geoff Bullen 2009-06-20
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Check if IBM could accomodate Hursley F2F from Sep 30-Oct 2nd Paul Nolan 2009-06-18
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Check if MSFT could host a F2F meeting in the first week of August Geoff Bullen 2009-06-18
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Send out a notice about the Sep F2F and other F2F meetings Bob Freund 2009-06-18
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Transcribe the draft reqs from the minutes into a doc for review Gilbert Pilz 2009-06-18 Eventing
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Add the 6924 related metadata possibility to the wiki Doug Davis 2009-06-18
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Consolidate use cases for Issue-6401 Gilbert Pilz 1970-01-01
ACTION-77 (edit) closed And Team 6401, develop detailed requirements extracted from usecases ref 6401 wu chou 2009-06-30
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Issue 6975 proposal to define literal resource representation Gilbert Pilz 2009-06-10
ACTION-79 (edit) closed And Gil. Work on the requirment clarification. wu chou 2009-07-14
ACTION-80 (edit) closed : Open a new issue initial workign WS-Frag spec. Doug Davis 2009-07-14
ACTION-81 (edit) closed And Dug: Generate a proposal for WS-frag Spec Issue-7088 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-08-28
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Will work on information related to the migration (paragraph) wu chou 2009-07-21
ACTION-83 (edit) closed & Ashok needs to work on the text for Issue-6720 Asir Vedamuthu 2009-07-28
ACTION-84 (edit) closed And Ashok to modify text by 07/28 for issue 6719 Asir Vedamuthu 2009-07-28
ACTION-85 (edit) closed 7068 addressed by F2F Doug Davis 2009-09-30
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Address 6403 by mid August Asir Vedamuthu 2009-08-15
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Which specifications have implicit operations Issue-6694 Doug Davis 2009-08-04
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Come back witth a new proposal for 6724 before next meeting. Doug Davis 2009-10-14
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Define a new proposal for 6724 for consideration on 2009-08-18 Doug Davis 2009-08-12
ACTION-90 (edit) closed And Asir to prepare proposal for issue 6403 Doug Davis 2009-09-30
ACTION-91 (edit) closed (and Ashok) to prep infoset proposals for all the WS-RA specs wu chou 2009-08-21
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Prep concrete proposals for issues 6568-6572 (due - 4 weeks before last call or Hursley F2F) Ram Jeyaraman 2009-09-01
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Check the latest drafts including RFC 2119 terms. Ram Jeyaraman 2009-08-13
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Review RT issues and re-classify the targets - WS-Frag | RT | Moot Asir Vedamuthu 2009-08-21
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Draft state tables for Eventing and Enumeration no later than the second week of September Gilbert Pilz 2009-09-15
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Write addition to generic extensibility section that advises the use of response extensions Gilbert Pilz 2009-08-14
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Propose text for issue 7426 Yves Lafon 2009-09-01
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Issue-6533 Include all safe operations in all specs Yves Lafon 2009-09-01
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Provide proposal on 7478 Gilbert Pilz 2009-09-08
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Automate cross-links among WS-RA specs Yves Lafon 2009-09-15
ACTION-101 (edit) closed And Doug to aim to get 6403 proposal for next week's meet as template for other policy Asir Vedamuthu 2009-09-22
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Create new proposal for 7553 Katy Warr 2009-09-22
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Create proposal for 7554 that considers 7553 Katy Warr 2009-09-22
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Produce proposal for 7589 Gilbert Pilz 2009-09-22
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Produce a line-by-line diff for issue 7426 Yves Lafon 2009-09-29
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Work on proposal for issue 7478 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-09-29
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Update WSDL and XSD for WS-Fragment due 2nd October 2009 Doug Davis 2009-10-07
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Raise second and third editorial note as new issue and they will be deleted. Asir Vedamuthu 2009-10-07
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Raise issue about support for "generic enumeration clients" Gilbert Pilz 2009-10-07
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Raise new issue - how does a resource factory say 'i will always create resources with a consistent policy and what is that policy' Paul Fremantle 2009-10-07
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Propose exit criteria on the email list Bob Freund 2009-10-07
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Ram, Gilbert and Li to write a new proposal for 7587 and 7478 and bounce of the group on e-mail before Friday Ram Jeyaraman 2009-10-01
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Produce concrete proposal based on direction for issue 7588 Gilbert Pilz 2009-10-08
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Produce a redline proposal consistent with the above principles Katy Warr 2009-10-08
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Come up with proposal across all 4 specs and also to uppercase OPTIONAL Doug Davis 2009-10-08
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Prepare new proposal for 7478 David Snelling 2009-10-08
ACTION-117 (edit) closed And Katy review latest text for 7207 and determine whether there is any ambiguity Ram Jeyaraman 2009-10-09
ACTION-118 (edit) closed And Katy to produce a more concrete proposal for Issue-7912 Doug Davis 2009-10-27
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Produce a concrete proposal based on his email. Ram Jeyaraman 2009-11-13
ACTION-120 (edit) closed and Asir Refresh proposal for Issue 7728 Gilbert Pilz 2009-11-21
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Gil and Dug to produce a new proposal for Issue-7986/8031 Asir Vedamuthu 2009-11-21
ACTION-122 (edit) closed to communicate with Paul to produce a proposal for Issue-7791 Asir Vedamuthu 2009-11-21
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Produce a concrete proposal based on his email for Issue 8201 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-11-14
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Produce detail example for 6463 before next call Katy Warr 2009-12-08
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Bob to contact Frederick on xpath tech issues Bob Freund 1970-01-01
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Discuss with Frederick xpath dialect technical issue identification Bob Freund 1970-01-01
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Research previous discussion/decision related to Issue-8176 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-01-15
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Develop "generate fault" language related to Issue-8283 Ram Jeyaraman 2009-12-15
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Develop concrete text for Issue-8292 Gilbert Pilz 1970-01-01
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Write up proposal with changes incoporated Asir Vedamuthu 2009-12-22
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Issue-8284 write up specifics for bp sections that might apply to ws-ra's use or reference to wsdl 1.1 Gilbert Pilz 2010-01-03
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Issue-6463 produce a proposal incorporating comments for group consideration Asir Vedamuthu 2010-01-03
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Submit new proposal to 8275; no compliance, recommend XPath 1.0 Gilbert Pilz 2010-01-19
ACTION-134 (edit) closed - concrete proposal to 8284 Gilbert Pilz 2010-01-19
ACTION-135 (edit) closed - list of obectionable requirements in Section 4 of BP 1.1 Ram Jeyaraman 2010-01-19
ACTION-136 (edit) closed - add clarifying text as a potential resolution to 7774 Doug Davis 2010-01-26
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Prepare a concrete proposal for issue 7986 based on the direction established by the Working Group Doug Davis 2010-02-02
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Has the AI to prepare proposal for 8299, 8302, and 8180. Gilbert Pilz 2010-02-02
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Work with Gil on proposal for 8191 Doug Davis 2010-02-02
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Produce a concrete proposal. Gilbert Pilz 2010-02-02
ACTION-141 (edit) closed 8193 - Produce a conceptual model Bob Freund 2010-02-02
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Investigate with Katy/Ian why the Put has to be restricted to first selected node. Doug Davis 2010-02-03
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Responed to issue submitter Bob Freund 2010-02-04
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Inform ANtoine Bob Natale 2010-03-16
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Proposal for 8273 in two week from today. Gilbert Pilz 2010-03-23
ACTION-146 (edit) pending review Create a proposal for 8832 in one week from today Gilbert Pilz 2010-04-06 Eventing
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Write up a proposal Bob Natale 2010-03-23
ACTION-148 (edit) open Send a response to the WS-Man WG about the disposition of issue 9607. Tom Rutt 2010-05-18
ACTION-149 (edit) open Come back with a proposal for this issue before end of this F2F Gilbert Pilz 2010-05-18
ACTION-150 (edit) open Prepare a response for 9611. wu chou 2010-05-18
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Respond to Frederick / XML Security WG. Bob Natale 2010-05-18
ACTION-152 (edit) open Respond to WS-Man about WS-RA's position on XPath level support. Gilbert Pilz 2010-05-18
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Write up response to 9608. Doug Davis 2010-05-18
ACTION-154 (edit) open Work on a proposal for 9608 Gilbert Pilz 2010-05-18
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Respond to comment submitter on 9699. Doug Davis 2010-05-18
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Add examples for Notification WSDL. Doug Davis 2010-05-18
ACTION-157 (edit) open Will write the response to the originator of issue 9700 Ram Jeyaraman 2010-05-19
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Write the response to the reviewer Antoine Doug Davis 2010-05-19
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Write response to issue 9701 reviewer explaining our solution to his issue Doug Davis 2010-05-19
ACTION-160 (edit) open Catalogue eventing with an eye to which features might be at risk Gilbert Pilz 2010-05-19
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Create a template for test scenario Doc to use for all of the WS-RA specs Doug Davis 2010-05-19
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Will respond to Antoine's question on issue 9700 disposition. Doug Davis 2010-05-20
ACTION-163 (edit) open Ping WSO2 about participating in interop testing Bob Natale 2010-05-20
ACTION-164 (edit) open Respond to Antoine on dispensation of 9703 Gilbert Pilz 2010-05-20
ACTION-165 (edit) open Write-up a proposal with Rick's help for Enum optimization issue Ram Jeyaraman 2010-06-08
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Write up some abstracts Doug Davis 2010-06-22
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Will perform conversion on documents Bob Freund 2010-10-05
ACTION-168 (edit) open Open issue on WS-Eventing and the "expiration feature" Gilbert Pilz 2010-10-12
ACTION-169 (edit) closed - primers for MEX, Transfer, Frag due on the 19th Doug Davis 2010-10-12
ACTION-170 (edit) open - primer for Eventing due on 2010-10-19 Gilbert Pilz 2010-10-12
ACTION-171 (edit) open Write up text for proposal 3 Katy Warr 2010-11-23
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Pull feature list info together Bob Freund 2010-11-23
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Organise documents in central location on our web page Bob Freund 2010-11-23
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Fix as recommended. Yves Lafon 2011-02-08
ACTION-175 (edit) open Will help Dug do this in schema. Ashok Malhotra 2011-02-08
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Revise the proposal. Doug Davis 2011-02-08
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Write up text based on comment one with some changes to 2nd bullet Doug Davis 2011-03-08
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Set up wbs for cr ballot Yves Lafon 2011-03-29
ACTION-179 (edit) open And Gil to work on mex test coverage Doug Davis 2011-04-12
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Extend WSRA scenario to add a test about discrepancy between element name and action Bob Freund 2011-04-27
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Add remark about f.o. / testing to Director's Decision Yves Lafon 2011-04-27
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Add text in scenario doc w.r.t. sa and evd Doug Davis 2011-05-31
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Negotiate with the webmaster a publication date, and send the request Yves Lafon 2011-09-30
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Draft a director's decision Yves Lafon 2011-09-30
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Seek if the WG want a REC press release, and if so testimonials Bob Freund 2011-09-30

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