Ink Markup Language (InkML)

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Digital Ink at W3C

InkML is an XML data format for representing digital ink data that is input with an electronic pen or stylus as part of a multimodal system. In the context of the W3C Multimodal Interaction Framework, the markup provides a format for:

The latest public InkML specification is available for review. It is expected to follow the W3C process until it becomes an official W3C Recommendation.

This specification is based on the following documents: the Ink Requirements Note, published by the Working Group on 22 January 2003, and InkXML (W3C Members only), a specification contributed by IBM, Intel, the International Unipen Foundation and Motorola.

Get Involved

The InkML specification is designed by the ink subgroup of the Multimodal Interaction Working Group of the W3C.

Public discussion and feedback on InkML happens on, the public list of the Multimodal Interaction Working Group. You are encouraged to send comments and/or questions on InkML to the list with the subject starting with "[ink]".
The archive is available. Subscription is done automatically by sending email to with the word 'subscribe' in the subject field. More information on W3C mailing list administrivia is available.

W3C Contacts

Kazuyuki Ashimura (, Multimodal Interaction Activity Lead

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