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The section entitled "Issue Resolution" in the TAG charter states:

In addition to the production of Recommendations, the TAG will help resolve technical issues having architectural impact. The process for issue resolution is likely to evolve over time.

The sections below describe TAG processes for addressing isues. Note: These processes are in development as the TAG is just getting underway.

How to raise an issue with the TAG

TAG issue management

The TAG manages issues as follows:

  1. When an issue is brought to the TAG, the TAG decides whether to accept it. Whether accepted or rejected, the issue is assigned an identifier, and the issue is "registered" via a message to www-tag from the TAG (ensuring that person who raised the issue is also cc'd). Subsequent email concerning this issue should use the issue identifier in the Subject line. The definitive state of an issue should be determined by the messages about it on www-tag.
  2. When an issue is resolved, the TAG should explain how the resolution will be manifest (e.g., a document update, an Architecture Recommendation, etc.).
  3. The TAG will facilitate issue tracking through one or more issues lists (such as the current document).

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