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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-23 (edit) open track progress of #int bug 1974 in the XML Schema namespace document in the XML Schema WG Henry Thompson 2012-11-06 namespaceDocument-8
ACTION-724 (edit) open investigate possible TAG efforts on URI scheme proliferation and extension points Henry Thompson 2012-11-06
ACTION-564 (edit) open Track fragid issues in 3023bis, report to TAG and/or communicate with 3023bis editors as appropriate Henry Thompson 2012-12-01
ACTION-751 (edit) open With help from JAR and JT to produce a publishable version of Issue57Proposal27 (, due 2012-12-31 Henry Thompson 2012-12-31
ACTION-33 (edit) open revise naming challenges story in response to Dec 2008 F2F discussion Henry Thompson 2013-01-01 URNsAndRegistries-50
ACTION-113 (edit) open HT to a) revise composition.pdf to take account of suggestions from Tim & Jonathan and feedback from email and b) produce a new version of the Elaborated Infoset finding, possibly incorporating some of the PDF Henry Thompson 2013-01-01 xmlFunctions-34
ACTION-121 (edit) open HT to draft TAG input to review of draft ARK RFC Henry Thompson 2013-01-01 URNsAndRegistries-50
ACTION-669 (edit) open Review and see whether TAG needs to do more on references to evolving specs Due: 2012-08-01 Henry Thompson 2013-01-01
ACTION-812 (edit) open Move the source into [private w3c] github with help from Marcos Henry Thompson 2013-06-07
ACTION-813 (edit) open Initiate email discussion on how we decide what bits of AWWW to work on, i.e. to collect some starting points for the scoping discussion, with help Jeni Henry Thompson 2013-06-07

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