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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-617 (edit) open Work with Noah to take off the Rec track Yves Lafon 2012-11-08
ACTION-823 (edit) open Write a blog post on http 2.0. Yves Lafon 2013-08-01
ACTION-851 (edit) open Draft an analysis document detailing these issues discussed on 209 with a view towards this document being fodder for an rfc. Yves Lafon 2014-01-16
ACTION-875 (edit) open Yves to help Domenic set things up so promises guide commits flow through automatically to W3C Yves Lafon 2014-08-07
ACTION-802 (edit) open Bring new W3C initiatives to TAG's attention, open-ended, due 2015-12-31 Yves Lafon 2015-12-31
ACTION-404 (edit) open Track HTML WG ISSUE-27 rel-ownership Yves Lafon 2016-12-05 HTML 5 review

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