Technical Architecture Group Teleconference

22 Jan 2015

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<trackbot> Date: 22 January 2015

<slightlyoff> Will be a few minutes late. Apologies.

<scribe> Scribe: Dan

<scribe> ScribeNick: DKA

<Domenic> I seem to have Bluetooth

<Domenic> oh oik

“Securing the Web” / https finding

Mark: we’ve had a bunch of discussion. Right now, no bugs listed against the spec.

… last commits were a couple of days ago.


<Domenic> https://github.com/w3ctag/web-https/commits/gh-pages

Mark: I added a link to STRINT, changed some wording, [made some minor fixes…]

Peter: ready to be published as a finding?

<Yves> +1 on publishing as a finding

Domenic: I feel very comfortable.

+1 on publishing

Yan: looks good

Peter: I’m also in favor

Mark: [in favor]

Resolved: publish the “securing the web” draft as a approved finding..

<Domenic> http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/doc/promises-guide

<plinss> https://tag.w3.org/findings/

We do have a sub-domain - tag.w3.org -

NB: We need to clean up our multiple web presences now….

<Domenic> rel="canonical"

Mark: will draft a blog post - send around on member list.

Peter: can you take the respec output?

Mark: yes except for boiler plate, title, etc...

… everything from toc below is ready to go.

Ok then!

Dan: some issues with the mailing list chatter ...

Mark: I’m happy with what we talked about in NYC - the mailing list is “best efforts” the main tracking and work goes on in github...

… right now it’s a free-for-all where people who have ideas on web architecture can riff on whatever they want…

… might be better to say “this list is about the work of the TAG, not general web architecture issues”...

Domenic: I think the list is not useful - if it’s a free for all then it’s name is misleading...

Mark: Making a decision here is important. if TAG memebrs don’t participate there then not effective...

<slightlyoff> here now

<slightlyoff> that's me

<yan> thanks yves

<slightlyoff> have we outlined *why* we pay attention to what we pay attention to?

Mark: we should say that we’re open to people raising issues but the discussion needs to happen amongst the TAG members…

Domenic: A message about “does chrome support ftp any more” just should never have made it to the list.

Alex: I don’t like the idea of a private mailing list. It’s good that our work is transparent. What should demand our attention

… is the question we’re dealing wiht. We have private list, public list, github issues. A good strategy would be to deflect all substantive

… discssion to github issues.

Mark: I’m wary of that because if we push it to github issues then we have to dispose of the issue.

Alex: we could easily go through issues and close them…
... [something diplomatic]

Yan: I think if we want to get rid of the expectation that we’ll reply to them we can say : if you have an issue you want us to address please add it to github.

Mark: We had someone on the list try to impose consensus on the TAG.

Alex: we should have a note - say something like “the TAG mailing list is for discussion but the appropriate place to raise formal issues or suggest new work is on our github issue tracker…”

(slight re-write by DKA)

I like that.

Mark: Agreed

Peter: Sounds reasonable.

<Yves> we still need to monitor the list, as not everyone will get the memo

Mark: Note should be publisged on the tag front page...

Alex: should put something on the mailing list as well.

Peter: Maybe edit the mailman cover page...


Peter: AOB?

Alex: Consensus about the note?
... I would like to add my enthusiastic and full support to that resolution.

<mnot> https://github.com/w3ctag/wiki/wiki

Mark: I created a new repo which I’ve found useful in other places - a wiki unattached to other repos...

… just an experiment.

Peter: which repo should people be filing issues in?

Mark: a suggestions repo?

Domenic: [+1]

Mark: I’ll give it a stab - a note about the mailing list…

Peter: AOB?

<slightlyoff> I'm OOO (vacation) next week

Possibly packaging for next week...

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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