W3C TAG Teleconference of 22 March 2012

22 Mar 2012


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Tim Berners-Lee, Ashok Malhotra, Jeni Tennison, Henry Thompson, Yves Lafon, Larry Masinter
Peter Linss
Noah Mendelsohn
Noah Mendelsohn


TAG Participation in IETF Paris Meeting

LM: Am I right that I'm the only TAG member at IETF?
... Yves is not here? OK, let's wait for him to join the call.

Review of Draft Agenda for TAG F2F

Draft agenda for F2F is at: http://www.w3.org/2001/tag/2012/04/02-agenda

JAR: Could use a long time on httprang3 14, see only an hour

NM: will give you all you need.

JAR: Still want to focus on wrapping it up soon.

NM: On fragids, Jeni wants to broaden to include long dormant draft

HT: Nuts. Good idea in principle, but I can't prep, and not sure anyone else can.

<JeniT> has anyone got any idea about taking that document forward?

<masinter> +1 to broadening topics in order to either progress or abandon old drafts

<JeniT> if not, I'm happy to take it back and publish it on my blog or something

<noah_> Jeni, you're only on IRC right?

<JeniT> yes

NM: Just give me guidance later in the week, either way is OK.

<Yves> Jeni, I am circling around another way to present the issues, but it might include braodening a bit the scope

<JeniT> Yves, worth discussion time at F2F? If not in large group then small?

<Yves> jeni, in small group that would be good to help converging yes

<JeniT> yves, ok, sounds good -- I just want to see progress made as it seems that work isn't going anywhere at the moment

<Yves> yep

<JeniT> (and I invested time into creating that draft, I would like to see something happen to it)

NM: I'm getting advice both ways as to whether to lock in TBD sessions now and whether to have small group breakouts. Larry asks me to use my judgement. That being the case, what I'll do is:
... With apologies to those who prefer I do otherwise, I'll leave some sessions TBD for now. If the top priority 10-way discussions need the time, they'll get priority, otherwise we can use for breakouts.

TBL: What about a session on Web competing w/native

NM: I could add to the existing list of "Possible topics"?

TAG Participation in IETF Paris Meeting (continued)

<masinter> I'm not happy that I'm the only TAG member at IETF

<masinter> I think there are W3C/IETF liaison issues where the TAG seems to me to be the likely group to discuss the W3C perspective on IETF specificaitons

LM: Yves is here, can we discuss IETF?
... Am I the only TAG member who will be there?
... Topics of interest to the TAG include URNbis, Happyiana and registration.
... It would seem like within the W3C/IETF liaison there are policy issues that are not in scope for particular W3C wgs, so would either be TAG/staff or maybe AB.
... I'm disappointed that I'm the only TAG person there

YL: Philippe told me not possible to get free passes

NM: Can we get an exception, e.g. for Robin?

YL: He can at least attend unofficial meetings.
... There will be W3C staff: Philippe le Hegaret, Thomas Roessler, Dominique, and Wendy Selzer

<masinter> Yves, I have other meetings I need to attend, my list to you was specifically those that had to do with TAG rather than Adobe

<masinter> at the IETF

YL: There will be lots of coordination

NM: I would encourage you, Yves, to see whether there's anything we can do to facilitate Robin attending, should he wish to
... Larry, anything else?

LM: No, that's it.

<Yves> larry, ok, but at least this list was a good starter to figure out possible meeting times

<masinter> sure

Probable cancellation of 29 March TAG teleconference

NM: Will almost surely cancel call next week -- if it's difficult for you to be on one then, don't worry about it. Safe travels all.

We are adjourned.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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