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Edinburgh, Scotland
13–15 September 2011


The meeting will be hosted by the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


For assistance, contact either Henry Thompson (+44 (0)131 650-4440) or ILCC admin Heather Frentz-Carothers (+44 (0)131 650-4446). If you are calling from phones within the university, dial only the last 6 digits (i.e. 504440, 504446).


The meetings are located in room 4.02 in the Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street. The Forum is in what's called the Central Area of the University, less than 1 kilometre from the High Street and Edinburgh Castle. The Informatics general directions have lots of good information. This map shows the Forum well, as does this (open-source) map.

Room 4.02 is on the 4th floor of the Forum, to the left as you come up the main stairs or exit the central elevators.

The University of Edinburgh is in the heart of a beautiful city. The University in the City is a good starting point for finding information about both places.


Network Access

There is a wireless network in the meeting rooms. There is no firewall to negotiate between the University of Edinburgh network and the rest of the Internet. [Registration required? Details coming. . .]


There is a standard digital projector in the meeting rooms.

Electric power

We will provide 220V single phase AC power to the conference tables via standard UK plug strips (3 wire). All US attendees will need to bring US->UK plug converters.

Printing and Photocopying

Printing and photocopying facilities are available in down the hall from the meeting room.


Please note that the University of Edinburgh operates exclusively non-smoking facilities. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on University of Edinburgh premises. Smoking must be done outdoors away from building entrances.


Edinburgh has a huge range of hotels, you're best bet for finding one is to use the Web. A number of people stayed in the Radisson the last time we met here. One of the other meetings in town this summer pulled together a list of more-or-less nearby hotels.

Driving and Parking

In a word -- don't. If you are coming from out of town, it is recommended that you not rent cars. Most places in Edinburgh are easily accessible by walking, public transit or taxi. Parking in the centre of town is very difficult and expensive, and there is no visitor parking available at the University.

Taxis and Busses

Local 'black cabs' are easy to hail on the street, and moderately priced. City busses (the purple ones) and private busses (the other ones) are also frequent and cover the city well. See the general directions page for specific information about airport and rail transfers.


We will only provide coffee, tea and juice during meeting breaks, at the beginning of the day, and for mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. You'll be on your own for all meals -- there's lots available locally, we can either go out together at lunch, or order in sandwich platters (contact me well ahead of time if you would like this).

See this Guide to local restaurants, now four and a half years out-of-date, or just search for "Edinburgh restaurant guide".