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Agenda of 4 October 2005 TAG teleconference

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  1. Administrative

    Roll call -- Regrets: Tim

    Chair: Vincent, Scribe: Roy

    Next teleconference: propose 11 October, assign scribe (Ed, Henry?), regrets?

    Accept this agenda?

    Accept minutes of Edinburgh f2f

  2. Issue endPointRefs-47

    Check with DO that he agrees with our resolution

    Message from Mark Baker about HTTP abuse

  3. Issue mediaTypeManagement-45

    What is the appropriate level of granularity of the media type mechanism?

    Nothing since it was accepted? (14 May 2004) - Chris has an action to write a draft

  4. Issue xml11Names-46

    Impact of changes to XML 1.1 on other XML Specifications

    Should it be in the pending state? (28 Jun 2004, section 2.1)

  5. Issue schemeProtocols-49

    See recent discussions: June f2f, 28 June, 23 Aug

  6. Issue URNsAndRegistries-50

    URNs for namespace names used in XML formats

    Draft finding (HT, March 2005)

  7. Any other issue?

Vincent Quint for TAG
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