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Invalid R2RML

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This page collects examples of things that are not allowed in R2RML. This could be language constructs that have missing information, or duplicate information. Implementations may wish to check for these. Some or all of them might be turned into R2RML test cases.


For an instance of rr:TriplesMapClass, the following are errors:

  • No rr:subjectMap property
  • More than one rr:subjectMap property values

Open questions

  • If one creates a node and use it as value of both rr:useSubjectMap and rr:useObjectMap predicates in different places, should this be ok, or an error, or a warning? What about use of rr:graph in rr:useObjectMap?
  • If types are not declared explicitly, should I first infer them and then warn about multiple types assigned to same node?
  • Which classes are supposed to be disjoint?

@@ More to come