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PR transition - Implementation Report

The following implementations are the basis for the RDB2RDF Implementation Report:

Implementation Contact Person R2RML DM EARL Report
Ultrawrap Juan Sequeda Y Y EARL report
XSPARQL Nuno Lopes Y Y EARL report
D2RQ Richard Cyganiak N Y DM EARL report
SWObjects Eric Prud'hommeaux N Y EARL report
Morph Jean-Paul Calbimonte Y N EARL report
RDF-RDB2RDF Toby Inkster Y N EARL report
Virtuoso Ivan Mikhailov Y N EARL report
DB2Triples Laurent Mazuel Y Y EARL report


This page keeps track of the R2RML implementation status. If you are an implementer (and RDB2RDF WG member) please add stuff here directly. If you are an implementer but not a WG member (and hence can't edit this page), let Michael know and he'll update the page for you.

Implementation Responsible Status See also
clj-r2rml Antonio Garrote R2RML and DM implemented in Clojure N/A
D2RQ Richard Cyganiak Preliminary Direct Mapping implementation available (not yet released). R2RML implementation planned for late Q2 2012 ISSUE-84, ISSUE-74
FeDeRate - rdb2rdf test implementation Eric Prud'hommeaux Direct Mapping implemented (materialized and unmaterialized) N/A
Morph (former ODEMapster) Jean Paul Calbimonte, Alex de Leon, Boris Villazón-Terrrazas R2RML implementation planned for early 2012 N/A
OpenLink Virtuoso OpenLink Software Standardized R2RML as well as Direct Mapping, in both dynamic and persistent/replicated forms, available in Virtuoso 6.3 and later. R2RML files can be generated from, or used to generate, Virtuoso's original non-standard implementation ("RDF Views"). All features are available through API calls, or the user-friendly HTML-based Virtuoso Conductor interface. (documentation links coming)
RDF-RDB2RDF Toby Inkster R2RML and Simple (which seems to be DM?) in Perl the README file
Revelytix David McNeil, Nate Young Spyder implements an early working draft of R2RML. Will be updated to reflect latest R2RML changes. Spyder
Ultrawrap Juan Sequeda Direct Mapping, Direct Mapping++ and R2RML already implemented. N/A
XSPARQL Nuno Lopes R2RML implemented. DM implementation in progress. more information & downloads
db2triples Antidot R2RML and Direct Mapping; working on a 1.0 version implementing the Last Calls README
Quest Mariano Rodriguez DM and R2RML implementations planned for early 2012 (April?) Emails: 1, 2