GRDDL Standard Transform Library

The World Wide Web Consortium maintains the following transforms, intended for widespread use on the Web, as part of the deployment of GRDDL.

Transform Brief Description
inline-rdf Extracts zero or more blocks of RDF/XML, within <rdf:RDF> elements, from the XML document.
glean-profile An HTML profile document, using this transform, can identify its profile transformations, using <link> and <a> elements, with "profileTransformation" as one of the space-separated values of the rel.
xml-attributes An XSLT module, for importing into other transforms, for the correct compuation of xml:lang and xml:base in GRDDL results expressed in RDF/XML.

The library is available for use under the terms of the W3C Software License

These transforms can also be referenced with explicit .xsl extensions, e.g.: inline-rdf.xsl and glean-profile.xsl

Mappings of common microformats to RDF

If you are looking for mappings of common microformats to RDF, visit the wiki page of community-driven GRDDL transformations from microformats to RDF.

Examples of use of Library code and test cases

The library code is exercised in two different test suites. Within the approved GRDDL Test Cases, there is a section dedicated to the library. In addition, showing functionality that was included in the library after the GRDDL Test Cases document was frozen, there are further library tests, in the GRDDL test directory.

This library was initially created by Jeremy Carroll, as part of the work of the GRDDL Working Group. The first two transforms were initially written by Dan Connolly and Dominique Hazaël-Massieux; and have been modified by Jeremy Carroll.

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