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RDF stuff for working with EARL


Some of this stuff works. I am not sure how much more it will get worked on - the working group dealing with EARL will apparently be restarted, which might raise my interest in this work, which I do in my spare time.

The idea

This is some stuff for working with EARL. The idea is to provide conversions between different versions of EARL, and then some tools that let you do useful things with the information (detecting conflicts in merged EARL records, deciding who does stricter evaluations, who agrees on a given point, whether some page is useful for a person with a given profile, etc).

This is inspred by the work Sean Palmer did on automatic EARL 0.9 to 0.95 conversions. (Although I didn't really read that - I just liked the idea).

All of this stuff should be used with caution. Feedback, bugfixes, etc most welcome - please send them to the publicly archived mailing list which I read...

So far not a lot of it works. There are some n3 rules files, that have been tested with cwm. Assuming you have a copy of cwm, and have aliased a command called cwm to run it,

cwm --rdf acbrief --n3 fromAcVal.n3 alsoAcVal.n3 --think --filter=fromAcVal.n3 --rdf

produces a useful conversion from the output of AccessValet to the latest working draft of EARL. There are a few things missing in it, but it's a start. (And getting this stuff working is better than not having it working...

About the files:

an RDF/XML file that is a small amount of output from AccessValet. accessvalet is the full EARL file it came from. The command line above should work with either of them.
alsoAcVal.n3, fromAcVal.n3
These are the rule/filter files to get the information we want. For some of the rules there is a two-step process - there are intermediate implications whose results we don't want to see. These have been extracted from the rules that we are also using as a filter.
from95.n3, fromtest.n3
These are junk files I used in development.
hera.rdf, mutat.rdf
These are RDF/XML output from the tools Hera and Mutat.
This is where I am currently trying to figure out how to deal with matching different test results according to some simple logic. If I had OWL rules for cwm it might be more interesting to play with. At some stage I plan to copy the rules from Jena into N3 and make this happen - when I have nothing else to do. (If anyone has done it, please let me know).


Pretty much everything. In particular I want conversions for the output of at least the following tools:

Then I want to be able to answer useful questions with the output of these tools, and tools that already use the latest version of EARL

Need to find a pointer to the stuff that Shadi Abou-Zahra has done along these lines, too.

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