EARL 0.9 to EARL 0.95

This document will tell you how to convert from EARL 0.9 into EARL 0.95 in a few simple steps, a la:-

[...] one must, with knowledge of common RDF at some level, be able to follow rules for converting a document in one RDF schema into another one (which presumably one has an inate understanding of how to process).
- Semantic Web Roadmap

Getting The Files

Make sure you have Python installed, and some reified EARL that you want to convert (yep, you have to reify it first). You can use one of the following test examples if you like:-

Now, grab CWM, Notation3.py, and xml2rdf.py. We've tested CWM version 1.47 and Notation3.py version 1.77 for the conversions (get them from the SWAP CVS archive). Use more recent versions at your own risk.

Next, you'll need to download a) the EARL 0.9 schema, b) the EARL 0.95 schema, c) a copy of srules.n3 (lite), and d) a copy of drules.n3 (lite). Then, most importantly, you need to download the filter file that converts from 0.9 to 0.95.

Running The Conversion

Now, put the whole mass of files into a directory somewhere, and run the following command line:-

   python cwm.py 0.9-ex1r.n3 0.9.n3 0.95.n3 srules-lite.n3 drules-lite.n3
     -think -filter=0.9to0.95.n3 > 0.95-ex1-out.n3

Where "0.9-ex1r.n3" is the EARL 0.9 file you want to input, and "0.95-ex1-out.n3" is the name of the output. If all goes well, it should output some nice valid EARL 0.95!

Notes on the conversion: it can take a few minutes to convert. Examples of the output you should get are available at:-

How It Works

What it does is find all conclusions it can possibly find based upon the input file, the schemata, and the simple rules. Then, the filter simply scrapes out the constituents of an EARL 0.9 Evaluation, and transforms them into an EARL 0.95 Evaluation. Note how the GenIds are the same as for the 0.9 file...

Further Reading

Comments to w3c-wai-er-ig@w3.org [archives] please (CC'd to www-rdf-interest@w3.org [archives] if it's a question about RDF/Semantic Web issues).

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