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contents: open threads, pending threads, closed threads.

Open Threads

i.e. threads where a comment has not yet been formally addressed by the WG

  1. Citations in the upcoming SPARQL document
  2. Questions about REDUCED, LeftJoin, Join

Pending Threads

i.e. threads where an representative of the WG has sent an [OK?] messge, i.e. message that formally addresses a comment and asks whether the commentor is satisfied. Threads where the commentor has replied without indicating satisfaction have not, yet, been separated out.

Closed Threads

i.e. threads where the commentor and the WG have come to consensus; any resulting changes are noted in the changelog of the respective document.

  1. Last Call for comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"
  2. Comments on SPARQL WD
  3. minor editorial comments
  4. No way to specify an RDF dataset of all the known named graphs
  5. 11.4.12 langMatches
  6. [SPARQL] i18n comment: Adding a reference to BCP47
  7. [SPARQL] i18n comment: Renaming Section on \"Matching Language Tags\"
  8. [SPARQL] i18n comment: Modification in description of langMatches operator
  9. Relaxing qnames in SPARQL queries to allow leading digits after the colon