RDFa Bookmarklets

IMPORTANT: these bookmarklets are outdated. Please visit the latest version.

This is a collection of RDFa-based bookmarklets. To use them:

These have been tested on Safari, Mozilla, and Firefox. IE6 should work for most of these, too. Opera should work for most, too.

Bookmarklets [2006-10-08] (drag these to your bookmarks bar)

IMPORTANT!: these are under development and may change at any time.

This new version of the bookmarklet uses the current base URI as the default namespace for CURIEs. It then special-cases REL=next,home,prev in an HGRDDL transform. You can look at the hGRDDL transform. This version also includes a hard-wired handling of the hcard microformat profile, loads up the hGRDDL transform hcard-rdfa.js, and then does the RDFa parsing.

For the old bookmarklets, click here.

Sites on Which to Test Them

The CC License Boomarklet can be tested on:

The RDFa Highlighter can be tested on:

The GetCal can be tested on:

Writing Your Own

Read the HOWTO.