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6th September 2002 XKMS F2F - Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Mike Just, Blake Dournaee

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  1. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems Inc
  2. Yassir Elley, Sun Microsystems Inc
  3. Slava Galperin, Sun Microsystems Inc
  4. Phill Hallam-Baker, Verisign
  5. Merlin Hughes, Baltimore Technologies
  6. Mike Just, Entrust
  7. Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft
  8. David Cross, Microsoft
  9. Joseph Reagle, W3C
  10. Michael Helm, ESnet
  11. Peter Rostin, RSA Security
  12. Blake Dournaee RSA Security
  13. Eric Cohen, PWC

Via Telephone

  1. Ed Simon, XMLsec Inc.
  2. Stephen Farrell, Baltimore Technologies
  3. Frederick Hirsch, self


Welcome & Agenda Bashing: Chairs

Status Update

WS-Security Meeting Update - Phill Hallam-Baker, Yassir Elley

XKMS Specification - Phill Hallam-Baker

X-BULK Profile - Merlin Hughes

Group Overview - Shivaram Mysore

Action Items

  1. Phill, Joseph: Information pertaining to ws-sec should be split from part II of the XKMS specification and a separate document created (see Issues List - Issue1). 
  2. Joseph and Yassir will investigate the implications (e.g. IPR) of submitting anything to ws-sec, i.e. perhaps they can just reference it. In response to Joseph's email, Chairs to work with Phillip to see what exactly needs to be done and then propose to the WG.
  3. Numerous action items related to specific changes in the specification are listed and more thoroughly described in the Issues List and are not repeated here. Actions taken at this F2F  meeting will cite these meeting minutes as part of their proposed resolution details.
  4. Mike Just will compile the issues and produce an Issues List capturing outstanding issues and their proposed resolution.
  5. Joseph will investigate what is required in preparation for interop testing once the XKMS becomes a Candidate Recommendation (which should be on or about December 2002). Joseph suggests looking into interop work done by dsig and xenc. Also in the suggestion is to look at the Quality Assurance document which includes guidelines and techniques for conformance.
  6. Stephen and Shivaram will re-work the charter to update the deliverable dates and some other small changes.
  7. Meeting minutes and the Issues List are to be published the middle of next week..

Summary/Close: Chairs

  1. SM: The next telecon will be on October 1, 2002.
  2. Our goal should be to have stable specs by the end of October so that we can move to Candidate Rec by year-end.