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DRAFT 22 June 2004 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Stephen Farrell

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In the last telecon we had the following AIs which are still carried forward (we didn't cover these as both Chairs/note-takers were offline during the call;-)

  1. AI: Jose ask QA group about our current proposal still OPEN
  2. AI: ALL suggest possible events/venues for doing face-to-face interop testing within the next six months. Post suggestions to the list. Leave OPEN.
  3. AI: Jose - turn Guillermo's XML into an on-line questionaire

W3C member participation

We'll have to renew our charter at some stage which requires W3C member AC reps. to vote to accept the new charter (and hence the continuation of the activity). It has been noted that there is much less active participation from W3C members than used be the case. When discussing this we noted that:

The chairs took an action item to raise this with previously active WG participants who work for W3C members. When the charter renewal is under way, Jose may write to those W3C member AC reps to check whether they're still corporately interested in XKMS.

Interop matrix


Tommy: Entrust worked with Tommy's service and found a bug! Tommy has also acted as a client with Entrust and found other issues.

Guillermo/Stephen: TCD will try soon (some proxy issues to sort)

Tommy: working on XKRSS, several weeks yet though.

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