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DRAFT 30th March 2004 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Jose Kahan

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QA proposal for a better compliancy section

The QA team sent some suggestions for improving the Compliancy Section in the XKMS specs. We need to reply to them, giving the WG's
positiion with respect to this request, in order to move on to CR. These are suggestions for improving the clarity of the documents.

A possible solution is to indicate in the Status of this Document section of the spec that following the experience gained during CR,
the WG may improve the clarity of the Compliancy section.

Action for Shivaram: send a follow up message to the XKMS WG mailing list so that we can have consensus on the answer.

Organizing test XKMS messages

We have received two sets of sample XKMS messages so far::

In order to make it easier to share this messages, we proposed to publish a common set of public key pairs and shared secrets and base the
test messages on them This will ease the testing and further expansion of these messages.

Action for Jose: contact the QA team to get their feedback on how best to organize these messages so that it is easier for people to make
new submissions and get their guidance on how to prepare a test suite with them.

Action for Jose: upload the messages to the WG's pages.

Request for review: XML Schema Second Edition PER

The deadline for this document is the 16th of April. From Shivaram's message to the list:

Please take a look at the new XML Schema specfication and speak up if this affects our XKMS schema.

Please send info to the XKMS list and we will consolidate and submit them to the Schema working group - this is necessary only if it affects XKMS.

Action for Rich: answer this request (thanks for volunteering)

CR Publishing and next steps

Once we reply to the QA message, we'll be able to publish the XKMS CR. The CR period will be for a minimum of 6 months.

We need to find maintainers for the CR issues list (using EXiT) and keep a log of modifications to the specification (part of the W3C process).

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