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DRAFT 30th July 2003 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Stephen Farrell

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  1. Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin
  2. Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
  3. Blair Dillaway, Microsoft
  4. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems
  5. Joseph Reagle, W3C
  6. Jose Kahan, W3C
  7. Rich Salz
  8. Donald Eastlake



  1. Status update & Issues list resolutions [3] - Phill
  2. Next Steps Last call status

Meeting notes

Shivaram started the call by welcoming Jose (our new W3C minder) and by thanking Joseph for all his great work in this and other W3C WGs.

We reviewed the issues and agreed as follows:-

We agreed that when we get an Editor's draft which reflects all those changes, then that version (subject to WG confirmation/lack of objection) should be sent forward for progression to Candidate Recommendation. We will have a call in one week to try to expedite this.

The chairs (Shivaram) agreed to send a call to the list for participation in interop tests. We should make it clear that this should be on the same IPR basis as the work to date (e.g. we don't want copyrighted samples) and the chairs will also look for someone to own and maintain the interop matrix.

Action Items

(Some of the items below were allocated to Phill in his absence, but in his role as editor; the chairs will check that this isn't a problem.)

  1. Respond to issue 301 submitter: Shivaram
  2. Respond to issue 302 submitter: Blair
  3. Respond to issue 303 submitter and check for embedded issues: Stephen
  4. Respond to issue 304 submitter (or other Entrust person): Frederick
  5. Respond to issue 305 submitter: Phill
  6. Respond to issue 306 submitter: Phill
  7. Respond to issue 307 submitter: Phill
  8. Respond to issue 308 submitter: Phill
  9. Respond to issue 309 submitter: Phill
  10. Respond to issue 310 submitter: Phill
  11. Setup a call for next week: Shivaram
  12. Send call for participation in interop trials etc to WG list: Shivaram

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