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DRAFT 27th March 2003 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Blair Dillaway; Edited by Shivaram Mysore

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  1. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems
  2. Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign
  3. Joseph Reagle, W3C
  4. Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
  5. Blair Dillaway, Microsoft
  6. Yassir Elley, Sun Microsystems



  1. Review previous meeting Action items
  2. Specification Status update + new issues addressing - Phill
  3. Next Steps - Round Table

Refer to XKMS Spec Part 1 and XKMS Spec Part 2 updated on 12 February, 2003.

  1. Phill has sent out change logs - spec update sent today. He has gone thru almost all remaining issues and resolved them. Some concern he may not have been working off the latest version of the Issues lists. He will contact Mike Just to make sure and work with Mike to get his recent updates reflected in the Issues list.
  2. Shivaram has sent out comments/examples related to policy - Done
  3. Phill to post document/links regarding WS-Trust - not done
  4. Phill will finish up recoding the examples by end of this week
  5. Pill will add explainatory text to make it clear that result subcodes are Qnames per Joseph's earlier issue.
  6. Phill will merge Part 2, Section 4 into the Part 1 specfication
  7. Phill will fix glyphs for copyright, trade marks, etc and in Part 2, there are funny characters "A" with a ^ on it. This is especially seen on a Mozilla browser. This could be a Unicode handling issue that may be specific to some product(s)
  8. Shivaram questioned whether font used for XML snippets like "<ds:Signature>" are correct 'Code' font. Phill believes they are, but will check again in producing last version
  9. Phill/Joseph will figure out best approach to handling some places where use of a monospace font seems to be causing printed copies to not render property. Examples: line 143 (KeyBinding abstract type), Section 4.3.2 also
  10. Line 206, part 1 of spec, Frederick will review and get back to Phil with explaination of the issue if changes still needed
  11. Paragraph 190, Phill has reworded to clarify use of UseKeyWith. Joseph and Shivaram will review and send any additional explainatory text they feel is needed.
  12. Phill has addressed Loren Hart's issue about needed an general response code by creating a concrete result type to return when you can't send a more specific result
  13. There was a question about Line 90, Section 4.6 needing work. Shivaram indicated it seems to be OK.
  14. Next revision of Spec and Issues list available on

Action Items

  1. The WG members should all review drafts Phill will produce end of this week and post any remaining issues to the list before 4 April. Goal is to have WG concurrence on moving to Last Call status by that date.
  2. Joseph to get status on Web Services glossary, will send mail telling them what terms we're using where not presently defined
  3. Phill to include definitions or put in references to definitions of terminology like "policy", "trust", etc as requested by Shivaram (line 190, 318) - email

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