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DRAFT 19th December 2002 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Shivaram Mysore, Stephen Farrell

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  1. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems
  2. Stephen Farrell, Baltimore
  3. Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign
  4. Mike Just, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)
  5. Joseph Reagle, W3C
  6. Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
  7. Merlin Hughes, Baltimore



Agenda is to go through the issues this week.

First checking actions from previous call.

Then AOB.

Last call's actions

Issue # Owner Action Requested Status
71 Phillip Hallam-Baker Conformance is still open. Phill has consolidated all conformance(s) to one place Partially Done
25 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) Done
30 Phillip Hallam-Baker Sent <UseKeyWith> details to the list. JR suggests to add clarification on what kind of policy we exactly mean - key issuance policy or key usage policy Incomplete
84 Phillip Hallam-Baker Add text as indicated in the Issues list Done
74 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) Done
79 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) - Added mecahnism to the Spec - check Conformance section Done - but, Open
96 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) - Removed this Done
108 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) Done
57 Phillip Hallam-Baker Still open (see Issues list) - New Action - Merlin to send Text to List and Phill Open
123 and 64 Phillip Hallam-Baker Phill has addressed these issues and sent comments to the list.. JR to see if they address all of his issues. (see email ). See Ed Simon's email on C14N. New Action - Phill/JR to check if JRs proposal has been rolled into the spec 123 Done, 64 Still Open
114 and 115 Phillip Hallam-Baker New issues added to in response to Merlin's email on Status Query Still Open
Phillip Hallam-Baker Address Merlin and Slava's comments on the list Done, Other issues raised
Phillip Hallam-Baker Send note to the list regarding not needing KeyAgreement in XKMS but a definition of AbstractElement which can be extended and used to support similar method. Done
Phillip Hallam-Baker, Frederick Hirsch, Mike Just Continue working on confirmation of resolution. Still Open

All other issues are done

This Call ...

Refer to Issues List updated on 12 December, 2002.

  1. Chairs, JR: Update Participant List
  2. Remove Stale references to XTASS in References
  3. Publish a version of Spec before 22 Dec, 2002 - Phill, JR, Chairs to work for compliance with W3C's pubrules
  4. Stephen asks: Are we close to a Last Call?
    1. Shivaram's concern on the lastest specs - WS-Trust, WS-Policy* and also our ability to work with WS-Security, but optimistic on the progress so far.
    2. Phill also feels confident we are almost done - fill out examples and editorial
    3. Mike says that there are about half-dozen open issues and this may be more of editorial and nothing major
    4. Joseph Reagle - Synchornous/Asysnchronous Trust - JR will send text on this and he feels confident that we are also close to last call
    5. Frederick - confident we are close to last call - emphasize that we must work with WS-Security. No show stoppers as such. JR suggests that we could get a review from WS-Sec folks. Phill says that this should not affect the schemas or design, but, may be necessary to write a ws-security protocol binding
    6. Stephen - process of current way of issues list is excellent and more actions on the editor is the main concern.
    7. Merlin also felt confident that we could go to last call
    8. All of the folks on the call felt confident that there were no show stoppers and we could move into last call.
  5. Phill will prepare a draft and they will posted on the web site (probably Jan 8, 2003) and a cut-off date will be set before which any issues will be addressed. After that it shall be posted as a last call issue. Phill to keep Mike Just in the loop for Issues list.
  6. Frederick - concern is to use WSS and XKMS for validate keys (see email) Action: Frederick to raise the issue with WS-Security list and CC www-xkms@w3.org
  7. Issues 114: Merlin's issue on OpaqueClientData - why not "any" instead of base64 - Phill says "any" will create problems with parsers. XML DSig having "any" is not a problem as it will have a limited number of options. But, in XKMS, we have to parse the data and feed it into applications and hence it could have problems with "any". We can close this issue for now - Merlin agrees with the addition of Type attribute
  8. Issue 115: Do we have to provide StatusRequest? Merlin says that we should do this.Phill says he could add this and he will.
  9. Issue 116 (Slava)- Matching rules still is open
  10. Phill call up Slava and resolve all issues and then post it to the list on the resolutions

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