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DRAFT 21st November 2002 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Shivaram Mysore and Stephen Farrell

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  1. Shivaram Mysore, Sun Microsystems
  2. Stephen Farrell, Baltimore
  3. Phillip Hallam-Baker, Verisign
  4. Mike Just, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)
  5. Yassir Elley, Sun Microsystems
  6. Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
  7. Donald Eastlake, Motorola


  1. Joseph Reagle, W3C
  2. Blair Dillaway, Microsoft
  3. Ed Simon, XMLsec


Agenda is to go through the issues this week.

First checking actions from previous call.

Then AOB.

Last call's actions

  1. For Issue number explanation, refer to Issues List
  2. Issue #25, OPENPhill will send text to the list
  3. Issue #57: ACTION Blair to find code & send to Phill/list; Stephen to send text


  4. Issue #98, OPEN
  5. Issue #72: Intent still valid, but maybe mechanism (specific justificatory text everywhere) isn't right. Split optional vs. unbounded (ACTION Frederick to change requirements); and (ACTION stephen) provide list of uses of unbounded and ask if we need justification Mike will open new issue against spec.


  6. Issue #74: (ACTION Mike J) to check if its done already (not resolved yet)

    OPEN See email

  7. Issue #79, text needed ACTION Stephen Farrell, define fixed locate message (UseKeyWith value)


  8. Issue #82: Req 2.4.5 is where the change to handle general compounding is to be made. DONE Frederick proposed text for requirements doc covering compounding
  9. Issue #85, close. Add sentence that nothing is idempotent (ACTION Mike Just to add to issues list)


  10. ACTION Mike/Frederick New one: Remove requirement that we need support for MgmtData. DONE
  11. Requirements Issues: ACTION Joseph R. to provide requirements text. see email


  12. Make sure we refer to SOAP 1.2 everywhere instead of XMLP (unless something happens in SOAP 1.2's last call.) ACTION: Mike to create new/reopen issue.
  13. ACTION: Mike to update issues list prior to next call - Followup to REOPEN issue #36
  14. ACTION: Joseph to get Mike write access to issues list [1] and Frederick for the requirements document [2]


  15. ACTION Shivaram to update participant's list

    DONE see email

  16. ACTION: Newly affiliated folks to send new agreement to list (repeat introductory email) DONE

This Call ...

Refer to Issues List updated on 20 November, 2002.

  1. Last Mintutes Issue - Skipped
  2. Place holder in text

    Once Issue #77 and #54 are moved into spec, we can close this issues. ACTION Phill will update spec by next week

  3. Examples - Blair has sent examples to Phill. ACTION Phill to update them in the spec
  4. Other Issues - Mike Just and Federick Hirsch drove this part of the meeting.
    Issue # Owner Action Requested
    78 Phillip Hallam-Baker Send Text to the list
    84 Phillip Hallam-Baker Clarify and update Spec
    86 Phillip Hallam-Baker Need a QName for OCSP Data and an equivalent structure on the other side
    89 Joseph Reagle To send exact text to the list
    92/96 Phillip Hallam-Baker Editorial; Add a link for "freshness" to the actual definition/explanation provided elsewhere in the document
    100 Stephen Farrell / Phillip Hallam-Baker Send a proposal on Policies for Request/Response Messages
    101 Phillip Hallam-Baker Check on this and remove extraneous references; Fix is needed here.
    103 Phillip Hallam-Baker Clarifiy and update Spec
    104 Phillip Hallam-Baker Add clarification on demostration
    105 Federick Hirsch / Phillip Hallam-Baker Add info - Focus on replay; explanation on Denial of service attacks needed

    2.1.14 - Tentative new requirement on optional feature - unbounded max occurs schema values - Text seemed okay to everyone.

    106 - 112 Phillip Hallam-Baker Look into this and update spec. Respond to the list as appropriate.
    107 Phillip Hallam-Baker Compound Request - URL identifier may be needed here.
  5. ACTION Phill to update Spec and send it to the list by 29 November, 2002
  6. ACTION Phill to take a first look at Slava's email and respond as appropriate
  7. ACTION Mike to work with Phill and update Issues List; send it to the list by 3 December, 2002
  8. ACTION Shivaram to arrange calls during the same time - 8:30am-9:30am PST/ 11:30am-12:30pm EST/16:30-17:30 on 5 and 12 December, 2002. For folks attending the WSS F2F meeting, please try to call in around lunch time.

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