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DRAFT 10th July 2002 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Stephen Farrell, Mike Just and Shivaram Mysore

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Status Update

Action Items

  1. Stephen will send an updated charter to the list within the week - Expect to have a LC on the specification in November 2002
  2. Stephen will query DPLOY folks for comments on requirements
  3. Shivaram will prepare/package the requirements for W3C team to progress through WG LC.
  4. Specification - Phill:
    1. Remove ProcessInfo (##other can be used instead). Include a new ClientInfo element (helpful for maintaining user state). A service must not alter ClientInfo contained in a request. Add an error/warning indicating that the ClientInfo is rejected by the service (e.g. because of size).
    2. Change PassPhrase element name to RevocationPassPhraseDigest.
    3. Reason element should be extensible. Use Yassir's suggestion for combining Reason and (resurrected Status)
    4. Phill will match RSA parameters in Section 7, to correspond to PKCS #1 in support of CRT computations (for decryption and signing).
    5. protocol/payload security and protocol bindings will be moved to another spec. (for which Phill has already published a first draft)
    6. Next version of spec expected in a few weeks with a pre-F2F version by 3rd week of August (2 weeks before F2F)
    7. Follow-up version expected soon after F2F for WG LC
  5. Shivaram will investigate Sun hosting XKMS at start of September to coincide with ws-security
  6. All: Send comments to the list on the XML Protocol LC - see email
  7. All: Spec reading must for the next F2F!!

Next Telecon & Face to Face details