W3C   XML Key Management Services WG

9th December 2001 XKMS F2F Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Taker: Merlin Hughes (Edited by Shivaram Mysore)


Dial-in Participants

Welcome & Agenda Bashing: Chairs

Status Update

Overview of XKMS - Tutorial Presentation, Blair Dillaway, Microsoft

XKMS Requirements - Fedrick Hirsch & Mike Just

NOTE: Some discussions are relevant to the slide, many are not


XKMS Base Specification - Phill Hallam-Baker

XBULK - Merlin Hughes

W3C Process Update - Joseph Reagle, W3C

  1. The presentation slides are available here.
  2. Patent disclosure obligation; copyright on original XKMS document okay for new version; intented for royalty-free patents; by signing up to participant list you agree to charter policy. We are now an official W3C group.

Action Items

  1. All: Please send a email to the list regarding Contributor/Participant policy
  2. All: Start using alias www-xkms@w3.org by Dec 15.

Summary/Close: Chairs