W3C XML Key Management Services WG

14th November 2001 XKMS Teleconference Minutes
Chairs: Stephen Farrell, Shivaram Mysore
Note Takers: Shivaram Mysore, Stephen Farrell & Jean Pawluk



Charter & Proposal

Status Update

Face to Face details

Requirements Document

  1. Mike J: Sources for the requirements were:

    (Frederick H mostly lead the discussion of specific issues)

  2. Message Integrity for XKMS key registration Issue
  3. Privacy Issue
  4. Asynchronous Communication Issue
  5. Private Keys, Key Escrow & Recovery Issue
  6. Trust Issue

Contributor / Participant policy

Same as encryption/signature: will need folks to send a mail saying they'll be "good" when WG is offiical if they want to be listed as contributors/participants, details later.
No one had a problem with that.

Action Items

  1. Blair, Phill, Jeremy to check with their AC Reps regarding Copyright info
  2. Everyone: remind your AC Reps to vote
  3. Shivaram, Stephen - Send reminder to the list setting the deadline for feedback on this version of the requirements document
  4. Stephen - Send email to IETF saag list announcing F2F
  5. Everyone: send comments on requirements to the list by close-of-business Friday 16th (which really means before Monday morning:-)
  6. Frederick: send a mail to list regarding Privacy & P3P issue
  7. Mike, Frederick: Produce another version of the requirements document by Friday 23rd Nov
  8. Phill: Produce another version of the base specification by Friday 23rd Nov