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About these messages

This page point to a collection of test messages that have been contributed by the XKMS developer's community. These messages may be used free of charge.

The messages are organized by type of message family (X-KISS, X-KRSS) and by transaction type (asynchronous, synchronous, two-phase). Compound statements are for the moment stored apart.

Contributing new messages

  1. Please respect the naming conventions.
  2. Make sure that you are using the common key sets.
  3. Make sure your messages start at number 1 if they are a new contribution or at their assigned number if they are an update of already contributed messages.
  4. If you're sending more than one message, please store them in a tar file and include a readme giving the date, your name, and affiliation so that we can track the messages back to you.
  5. Please mail them to the XKMS WG mailing list.

Common Key Sets

This directory contains keys and certs used in the sample messages. Keys are in "OpenSSL" format and are all password encrypted using the string secret.

X-KISS messages

Message instances pertaining to the X-KISS part of the XKMS specification.

X-KRSS messages

Message instances pertaining to the X-KRSS part of the XKMS specification.

Compound Requests and Responses

A compound requests consists of a set of one or more X-KISS or X-KRSS requests.

Naming convention

All the messages adhere to the following naming conventions.

@@ Missing Status request.


protocol: locate, validate, register, recover, reissue, revoke

nn: a number to identify a message set. All messages related to this set must use the same number.

Synchronous processing



Asynchronous processing





Two Phase Request





@@ Note that these can be both asynchronous and synchronous

Compound Request and Responses




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