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URI Interest Group

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Current Events

See also: internet drafts that mention URIs


This group has no scheduled deliverables, but the following are some relevant events:

@@when are they doing LC again?
XML Query specs to last call per XML activity statement. relevant comments:
28 Feb 2005 Cambridge, MA, USA
TAG f2f meeting

see TAG events/schedule

issues to watch:

invite review of URIs, URLs, and URNs: Clarifications and Recommendations 1.0?

27-31 Oct 2003 Carthage, Tunisia (@@next relevant one?)
2003 annual meeting for ICANN (per minutes 12Sep, ICANN calendar)

are we done with this? (cf Fwd: ICANN Nominating Cmte posts Call 9Apr from Martin Duerst)

Jan 2007
conclude or renew

See also: @@TAG current event/schedule, @@IETF meeting schedule


To join, just send a message to uri-request@w3.org with Subject: subscribe.


The charter of this group documents the agreement between the participants and the W3C membership. The events below lead up to the creation of this group, and chart our progress:

W3C Launches URI Interest Group, replacing the URI Coordination Group.

URI CG DBWG entry. CG charter

Jan 2005
URI spec revision done.
20 Mar 2003 San Francisco, CA
14 Mar 2003
director's decision to approve URI CG charter (member confidential)
8 Nov 2002
activity proposal
Jan 2002
URI Coordination Group charter for review

Dan Connolly for Norm Walsh
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