Memorandum of Understanding

VoiceXML Forum and W3C Collaboration

Whereas the VoiceXML Forum and the W3C have determined that it is in the best interests of the respective organizations and the public that they work together to further develop a dialog markup language, and in the furtherance of collaboration, the VoiceXML Forum and the W3C understand and agree that:

  1. During the period of this Memorandum of Understanding, the VoiceXML Forum agrees that the W3C will have sole control of the definition and evolution of the dialog markup language based on the VoiceXML 1.0 that is under development by the W3C Voice Browser Working Group ("Specification"). The VoiceXML Forum agrees to recognize the Specification as the ONLY dialog markup language, and publicly promote it as such.
  2. The VoiceXML Forum will file an express abandonment of U.S. trademark applications, Serial Nos. 76/106,313, 76/106,083, and 76/105,801, a copy of which will be sent to W3C. The VoiceXML Forum does not and will not make any claim to the exclusive ownership of the term "VoiceXML." The VoiceXML Forum will take no action to interfere with or impede the use of the term "VoiceXML" by the W3C or any of its members. The VoiceXML Forum and the W3C acknowledge and agree that the W3C shall name its dialog markup language "VoiceXML."
  3. The VoiceXML Forum will pursue appropriate industry activities to promote the use of VoiceXML, including conformance, education and marketing. The VoiceXML Forum will coordinate the creation of test suites and conformance evaluation with the W3C. The VoiceXML Forum will provide specification clarification requests to the W3C through the channels provided by the W3C for this purpose.
  4. The parties agree to cooperate with each other in the development and marketing of the Specification and to keep each other informed of its efforts in such regard. Each party will appoint a liaison that shall be responsible for maintaining the relationship set forth in this Memorandum of Understanding.
  5. This Memorandum of Understanding shall remain in effect for a period of five years from the date last signed and shall be automatically renewable for additional one year periods, provided that either party may prevent renewal upon written notice to the other party 180 days prior to the commencement of such renewal term. This Memorandum of Understanding may be otherwise terminated during a term if either party indicates its intention to terminate its involvement with the dialog markup language upon which this collaboration is based. Upon termination of this MOU, the W3C shall retain all rights to the Specification under its development, maintenance and promotion.

For the VoiceXML Forum: (signed) Peter Lefkin, Executive Director

For the W3C: (signed) Jean-Francois Abramatic, Chairman