Ruby Annotation Specification Errata

This document records all known errors in the Ruby Annotation Specification (W3C Recommendation 31 May 2001). The errata are listed in reverse chronological order of their date of publication. Please note that all items on this page listed as Errata have been approved by the Internationalization Working Group, but are currently non-normative in the sense of the Process document (i.e. not approved by W3C as a whole). Items listed as Proposed Errata have not yet been approved by the Internationalization Working Group.

Please email error reports to www-i18n-comments@w3.org (archived publicly). For additional information, see also the public ruby page.

Errata as of 2003-09-23 fixed inplace 2008-06-25

E2 Editorial

alt text to Fig. 3.6:
Replace "<span lang='ja'>hiragana</span>" with "hiragana" (three times).
Markup accidentally got into an attribute.

Errata as of 2001-06-26.

E1 Editorial

Glossary, entries Ruby text and Simple Ruby markup:
Change "ruby base" to "base text".
Terminology alignment.

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