Roadmap diagrams


Here are some roadmap diagrams which illustrate, broadly, dependencies between

W3C activities both actual and contemplated. The granularity varies a little. For example, st

the time to writing, Voice and XHTML seen as single nodes wheras in fact they are each

composed of several items closely related.

Note. These are all in SVG - so if you don't have a browser like Amaya which supports it out of the box then you will need a plug-in.

How they were made

The raw data of the diagrams was entered by hand in RDF, and then various small

files written which use rules to extract subsets of information. Another file of rules

(a stylesheet in effect) derives colors and styles from the types of nodes and relationships.

See diagram

data and style files are all in

These are all fed into a generic RDF rule processor which combined the information to produce the input data for the graph drawing program. An XSLT script converts the RDF into the input format for the GraphViz software, which then generates graphics files in a variety of formats. The SVG files produce the best results, as they have the highest precison and can be zoomed. See DanC's converter and ATT's open source GraphViz.

Viewing SVG

The Amaya browser will display SVG natively.

There are a number of plugins for common browsers. (The Adobe one is controlled by the mouse, with combinations of Alt to move, Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift to zoom , and has a right-click menu. If you don't see anything at first, wait for it to finish loading them try zooming ot or moving)

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