World Wide Web Consortium at CeBIT 2001

Press releases available in English, French, German and Japanese

Press Contacts :

America -- Janet Daly, <janet@w3.org>, +1.617.253.5884 or +1.617.253.2613
Asia -- Kazuhiro Kitagawa <kaz@w3.org>, +81.466.49.1170
Europe -- Marie-Claire Forgue, <mcf@w3.org>, +33. 492.38.75.94

W3C local contacts from German W3C Office

CeBIT 2001 General Information

Date: 22.03.2001 - 28.03.2001
Place: Messegelšnde Hannover
URL: http://www.cebit.de/

CeBIT exhibition center floor plan

W3C in the on line CeBIT exhibitor catalogue

W3C / GMD booth location

Hall 16 (plan in pdf format) - Telecommunications Research and Technology Transfer,

Stand D59 (plan in pdf format) - GMD-Forschungszentrum

W3C tutorials

CeBIT'01 page for W3C Team access only.

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