XMLP WG telcon minutes, 18 May 2005

Based on non-online notes and the IRC log

1. Roll
    BEA Systems, Mark Nottingham
    Canon, Herve Ruellan
    Iona Technologies, Suresh Kodichath
    Microsoft Corporation, Martin Gudgin
    Nokia, Mike Mahan
    Oracle, Anish Karmarkar
    Sun Microsystems, Marc Hadley
    W3C, Carine Bourne
    W3C, Yves Lafon
    IBM, Noah Mendelsohn
    SAP AG, Volker Wiechers
    SeeBeyond, Pete Wenzel
    BEA Systems, David Orchard
    Canon, Jean-Jacques Moreau
    Microsoft Corporation, Jeff Schlimmer
    Oracle, Jeff Mischkinsky
    Sun Microsystems, Tony Graham
    Mike Mahan 
    Anish Karmarkar

2. Agenda review, and AOB
    See: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-xml-protocol-wg/2005May/0005.html
    Chair: Any additional AOB items?
    Chair: No

3. Approval of minutes:
    27 April see: http://www.w3.org/2000/xp/Group/5/04/27-minutes.html
    Chair: call for approval of minutes
    Chair: Approved without objection

4. Review action items, see http://www.w3.org/2000/xp/Group/Admin/#pending. 
   These action items are taken from the XMLP member page. 
   2005/03/30: Yves - DONE - Transition PENDING 
     Request publication of PER documents.
   2005/03/30: Yves - DONE
     Close issue 29Rec with no action (and send closing email) - talk about this in (5)
   2005/03/30: Yves - DONE
     Fix issue 28rec (add in errata) and fix also the broken rfc3023 anchor
   2005/04/27: MarkN - DONE
     Do some research on Rec31 and the use of mime type in XML
   2005/05/27: Yves - DONE
     Fix issue 32Rec (add in errata) and send closing email. 

5. SOAP 1.2 PER specs & MTOM, XOP, RRSHB Recommendation maintenance

   Chair: Transition Status and rec issues dependency – Yves
   Chair: Lets address this after 29rec and 31rec

   Chair: 29Rec: Private pushback – Yves
   Yves: asked to send the comment to the public list
   Yves: pushback from Simone Kissane
   Yves: he wants the section to be moved to the appendix
   Yves: he pushed back privately, not publically
   Yves: I have asked for him to post his reply on the public comments list
   Yves: still no action on Simone's part
   Chair: is the opinion of the WG to ignore this pushback unless this is made public?
   WG: no response
   Chair: Yves what is the procedure for this?
   Yves: here isn't any procedure for this, since it is not public. Will ask.
   Chair: there isn't any new argumentation from Simone is his private correspondence
   Yves: this isn't important – it is a misreading of the spec 
   ACTION: Yves to investigate W3C process related to Simon's private email
   Chair: inlined to leave this as status quo and move on
   Chair: Topic: Transition Status and rec issues dependency
   Chair: Yves, can you address the linkage between pubishing ER and these rec issues 
   Yves: Yves: we need to be sure that we won't have an errata right after we publish 
   Gudge: mark baker has said that he does not expect anything. Do we need to do anything?
   Chair: he did start off by framing the argument that way
   Chair: but he continues to technically argue the issue
   Chair: since he has framed it that way, can we close it as such?
   Yves: there are several arguments. Noah has send an email about it. We can close the issue with no action based on Noah's email
   Chair: OK – does the WG agree to close 31rec based on Noah's arguments
   WG: agrees
   Chair: Volunteer to write closing email
   Gudge: I volunteer
   ACTION: Gudge to send closing email for 31rec
   Chair: Yves, given successful closing of 29rec and 31rec, can we transition now to ER?
   Yves: yes
   Chair: Very good, can we push on this to happen soon?
   Yves: next week at best
   Chair: we shall wait for some XOP/MTOM/RRSHB comments prior to calling the next XMLP meeting

6. AOB

   Chair: AOB?
   WG: no

   Chair: meeting adjourned