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Cwm historical

Pieces removed from cwm documentation

Code Overview

llyn.py - The Store

An in-memory store which does the inference.

notation3.py - Serializing/deserializaing RDF

Originally written by Dan Connolly, uses a basic RDF stream parser interface

The command line form (alias n3 python notation3.py; n3 -help) allows RDF to be parsed and re-output.

The module will also run as a CGI script to convert N3 to RDF M&S 1.0 - by DanC magic.

xml2rdf.py Parsing RDF/XML

Based on Python's xmllib, this parser is compatible with the RDF stream interface of, notation3.py. It completes the square of parsers and generators. Defunct. Now use sax parser and sax2rdf.py.

It has a command line mode for self-test purposes.

cwm_xxx.py - builtin modules

These are quite easy to add to

Design issues

The code above investigated and raised issues discussed in the following documents.

not to mention

Code Review notes

5Aug2002, DanC

Tim BL, with his director hat off
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