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Semantic Web Tutorial Using N3

This is an introduction to Semantic Web ideas aimed at someone with experience in programming, perhaps with Web sites and scripting, who wants to understand how RDF is useful in practice. The aim is to give a feel for what the Semantic Web is, and allow one to imagine what life will be like when it is widely deployed. This is illustrated using the N3 language, which is easy to read and write, and cwm which is an experimental general purpose program for semantic web stuff.

This material was presented as a full day tutorial at WWW2003 in Budapest, 2003-05. We're preparing to give it as a half-day tutorial at WWW2004.

For follow-up discussion, see the cwm mailing lists, rdfig weblog, ESW wiki, and rdfig chat channel, and various mailing lists.

The material in these notes may be deeper in parts than the tutorial itself.

  1. Writing data (using Statements, URIs, and Vocabularies)
  2. More Syntactic Sugar, More Ontological Power
  3. Procesing data with cwm/n3
  4. Semantics + Web = Semantic Web

Not covered in this tutorial

The tutorial should have explained somewhere - TIPS

TimBL, Sandro, and DanC
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