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REC-MathML-19980407; revised 19990707

ISOTECH Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

General Technical

Name Unicode Glyph Description
acd E3A6 UE3A6 ac current
aleph 2135 U2135 /aleph aleph, Hebrew
And E374 UE374 double logical and
and 2227 U2227 logical and
andand E36E UE36E two logical and
andd E394 UE394 and, horizontal dash
andslope E50A UE50A sloping large and
andv E391 UE391 and with middle stem
angrt 221F U221F right (90 degree) angle
angsph 2222 U2222 /sphericalangle angle-spherical
angst 212B U212B Angstrom capital A, ring
ap 2248 U2248 approximate
apacir E38C UE38C approximate, circumflex accent
awconint 2233 U2233 contour integral, anti-clockwise
awint E39B UE39B anti clock-wise integration
becaus 2235 U2235 because
bernou 212C U212C Bernoulli function (script capital B)
bne E388 UE388 reverse not equal
bnequiv E387 UE387 reverse not equivalent
bNot E3AD UE3AD reverse not with two horizontal strokes
bnot 2310 U2310 reverse not
bottom 22A5 U22A5 bottom
cap 2229 U2229 intersection
Cconint 2230 U2230 triple contour integral operator
cirfnint E395 UE395 circulation function
compfn 2218 U2218 composite function (small circle)
cong 2245 U2245 congruent with
Conint 222F U222F double contour integral operator
conint 222E U222E contour integral operator
ctdot 22EF U22EF /cdots, three dots, centered
cup 222A U222A union or logical sum
cwconint 2232 U2232 contour integral, clockwise
cwint 2231 U2231 clockwise integral
cylcty 232D U232D cylindricity
disin E3A0 UE3A0 set membership, long horizontal stroke
Dot 0308 U0308 dieresis or umlaut mark
DotDot 20DC U20DC four dots above
dsol E3A9 UE3A9 solidus, bar above
dtdot 22F1 U22F1 /ddots, three dots, descending
dwangle E3AA UE3AA large downward pointing angle
elinters E3A7 UE3A7 electrical intersection
epar 22D5 U22D5 parallel, equal; equal or parallel
eparsl E384 UE384 parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to
equiv 2261 U2261 identical with
eqvparsl E386 UE386 equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel
exist 2203 U2203 /exists at least one exists
fltns E381 UE381 flatness
forall 2200 U2200 /forall for all
fpartint E396 UE396 finite part integral
ge 2265 U2265 greater-than-or-equal
hamilt 210B U210B Hamiltonian (script capital H)
iff E365 UE365 /iff if and only if
iinfin E372 UE372 infinity sign, incomplete
imped E50B UE50B impedance
infin 221E U221E /infty infinity
infintie E50C UE50C tie, infinity
Int 222C U222C double integral operator
int 222B U222B integral operator
intlarhk E39A UE39A integral, left arrow with hook
isin 220A U220A set membership
isindot E39C UE39C set membership, dot above
isinE E39E UE39E set membership, two horizontal strokes
isins E3A4 UE3A4 set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
isinsv E3A2 UE3A2 large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
isinv 2208 U2208 set membership, variant
lagran 2112 U2112 Lagrangian (script capital L)
Lang 300A U300A left angle bracket, double
lang 3008 U3008 left angle bracket
lArr 21D0 U21D0 is implied by
lbbrk 3014 U3014 left broken bracket
le 2264 U2264 less-than-or-equal
loang 3018 U3018 left open angular bracket
lobrk 301A U301A left open bracket
lopar E379 UE379 left open parenthesis
lowast 2217 U2217 low asterisk
minus 2212 U2212 minus sign
mnplus 2213 U2213 minus-or-plus sign
nabla 2207 U2207 del, Hamilton operator
ne 2260 U2260 not equal
nedot E38A UE38A not equal, dot
nhpar E38D UE38D not, horizontal, parallel
ni 220D U220D contains
nis E3A5 UE3A5 contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
nisd E3A1 UE3A1 contains, long horizontal stroke
niv 220B U220B contains, variant
Not E3AC UE3AC not with two horizontal strokes
notin 2209 U2209 negated set membership
notindot E39D UE39D negated set membership, dot above
notinE E50D UE50D negated set membership, two horizontal strokes
notinva E370 UE370 negated set membership, variant
notinvb E37B UE37B negated set membership, variant
notinvc E37C UE37C negated set membership, variant
notni 220C U220C negated contains
notniva 220C U220C negated contains, variant
notnivb E37D UE37D contains, variant
notnivc E37E UE37E contains, variant
nparsl E389 UE389 not parallel, slanted
npart E390 UE390 not partial differential
npolint E399 UE399 line integration, not including the pole
nvinfin E38E UE38E not, vert, infinity
olcross E3A8 UE3A8 circle, cross
Or E375 UE375 double logical or
or 2228 U2228 logical or
ord E393 UE393 or, horizontal dash
order 2134 U2134 order of (script small o)
oror E50E UE50E two logical or
orslope E3AE UE3AE sloping large or
orv E392 UE392 or with middle stem
par 2225 U2225 parallel
parsl E382 UE382 parallel, slanted
part 2202 U2202 /partial partial differential
permil 2030 U2030 per thousand
perp 22A5 U22A5 perpendicular
pertenk 2031 U2031 per 10 thousand
phmmat 2133 U2133 physics M-matrix (script capital M)
pointint E376 UE376 integral around a point operator
Prime 2033 U2033 double prime or second
prime 2032 U2032 /prime prime or minute
profalar 232E U232E all-around profile
profline 2312 U2312 profile of a line
profsurf 2313 U2313 profile of a surface
prop 221D U221D is proportional to
qint E378 UE378 quadruple integral operator
qprime E371 UE371 quadruple prime
quatint E377 UE377 quaternion integral operator
radic 221A U221A /surd radical
Rang 300B U300B right angle bracket, double
rang 3009 U3009 right angle bracket
rArr 21D2 U21D2 implies
rbbrk 3015 U3015 right broken bracket
roang 3019 U3019 right open angular bracket
robrk 301B U301B right open bracket
ropar E37A UE37A right open parenthesis
rppolint E397 UE397 line integration, rectangular path around pole
scpolint E398 UE398 line integration, semi-circular path around pole
sim 223C U223C similar
simdot E38B UE38B similar, dot
sime 2243 U2243 similar, equals
smeparsl E385 UE385 similar, parallel, slanted, equal
square 25A1 U25A1 square
squarf 25A0 U25A0 square, filled
strns E380 UE380 straightness
sub 2282 U2282 subset or is implied by
sube 2286 U2286 subset, equals
sup 2283 U2283 superset or implies
supe 2287 U2287 superset, equals
tdot 20DB U20DB three dots above
there4 2234 U2234 therefore
tint 222D U222D triple integral operator
top 22A4 U22A4 top
topbot 2336 U2336 top and bottom
topcir E383 UE383 top, circle below
tprime 2034 U2034 triple prime
utdot 22F0 U22F0 three dots, ascending
uwangle E3AB UE3AB large upward pointing angle
vangrt 22BE U22BE right angle, variant (with arc)
veeeq 225A U225A logical or, equals
Verbar 2016 U2016 double vertical bar
wedgeq 2259 U2259 corresponds to (wedge, equals)
xnis E3A3 UE3A3 large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke