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REC-MathML-19980407; revised 19990707

ISOAMSR Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

Added Math Symbols: Relations

Name Unicode Glyph Description
apE E315 UE315 approximately equal or equal to
ape 224A U224A approximate, equals
apid 224B U224B approximately identical to
asymp 224D U224D asymptotically equal to
Barv E311 UE311 vert, double bar (over)
bcong 224C U224C reverse congruent
bepsi E420 UE420 such that
bowtie 22C8 U22C8 bowtie
bsim 223D U223D reverse similar
bsime 22CD U22CD reverse similar, equals
bsolhsub E34D UE34D reverse solidus, subset
bump 224E U224E bumpy equals
bumpe 224F U224F bumpy equals, equals
cire 2257 U2257 circle, equals
Colon 2237 U2237 /Colon, two colons
Colone E30E UE30E double colon, equals
colone 2254 U2254 colon, equals
congdot E314 UE314 congruent, dot
csub E351 UE351 subset, closed
csube E353 UE353 subset, closed, equals
csup E352 UE352 superset, closed
csupe E354 UE354 superset, closed, equals
cuepr 22DE U22DE curly equals, precedes
cuesc 22DF U22DF curly equals, succeeds
Dashv E30F UE30F double dash, vertical
dashv 22A3 U22A3 dash, vertical
easter 225B U225B equal, asterisk above
ecir 2256 U2256 circle on equals sign
ecolon 2255 U2255 equals, colon
eDDot E309 UE309 equal with four dots
eDot 2251 U2251 equals, even dots
efDot 2252 U2252 equals, falling dots
eg E328 UE328 equal-or-greater
egs 22DD U22DD equal-or-gtr, slanted
egsdot E324 UE324 equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside
el E327 UE327 equal-or-less
els 22DC U22DC eq-or-less, slanted
elsdot E323 UE323 equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside
equest 225F U225F equal with questionmark
equivDD E318 UE318 equivalent, four dots above
erDot 2253 U2253 equals, rising dots
esdot 2250 U2250 equals, single dot above
Esim E317 UE317 equal, similar
esim 2242 U2242 equals, similar
fork 22D4 U22D4 pitchfork
forkv E31B UE31B fork, variant
frown 2322 U2322 down curve
gap 2273 U2273 greater, approximate
gE 2267 U2267 greater, double equals
gEl 22DB U22DB gt, double equals, less
gel 22DB U22DB greater, equals, less
ges E421 UE421 gt-or-equal, slanted
gescc E358 UE358 greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
gesdot E31E UE31E greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
gesdoto E320 UE320 greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
gesdotol E322 UE322 greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left
gesl E32C UE32C greater, equal, slanted, less
gesles E332 UE332 greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted
Gg 22D9 U22D9 triple gtr-than
gl 2277 U2277 greater, less
gla E330 UE330 greater, less, apart
glE E32E UE32E greater, less, equal
glj E32F UE32F greater, less, overlapping
gsim 2273 U2273 greater, similar
gsime E334 UE334 greater, similar, equal
gsiml E336 UE336 greater, similar, less
Gt 226B U226B double greater-than sign
gtcc E356 UE356 greater than, closed by curve
gtcir E326 UE326 greater than, circle inside
gtdot 22D7 U22D7 greater than, with dot
gtquest E32A UE32A greater than, questionmark above
gtrarr E35F UE35F greater than, right arrow
homtht 223B U223B homothetic
lap 2272 U2272 less, approximate
lat E33A UE33A larger than
late E33C UE33C larger than or equal
lates E33E UE33E larger than or equal, slanted
lE 2266 U2266 less, double equals
lEg 22DA U22DA less, double equals, greater
leg 22DA U22DA less, equals, greater
les E425 UE425 less-than-or-equals, slant
lescc E357 UE357 less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
lesdot E31D UE31D less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
lesdoto E31F UE31F less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
lesdotor E321 UE321 less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right
lesg E32B UE32B less, equal, slanted, greater
lesges E331 UE331 less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted
lg 2276 U2276 less, greater
lgE E32D UE32D less, greater, equal
Ll 22D8 U22D8 triple less-than
lsim 2272 U2272 less, similar
lsime E333 UE333 less, similar, equal
lsimg E335 UE335 less, similar, greater
Lt 226A U226A double less-than sign
ltcc E355 UE355 less than, closed by curve
ltcir E325 UE325 less than, circle inside
ltdot 22D6 U22D6 less than, with dot
ltlarr E35E UE35E less than, left arrow
ltquest E329 UE329 less than, questionmark above
ltrie 22B4 U22B4 left triangle, equals
mcomma E31A UE31A minus, comma above
mDDot 223A U223A minus with four dots, geometric properties
mid 2223 U2223 mid
mlcp E30A UE30A transversal intersection
models 22A7 U22A7 models
mstpos 223E U223E most positive
Pr E35C UE35C double precedes
pr 227A U227A precedes
prap 227E U227E precedes, approximate
prcue 227C U227C precedes, curly equals
prE 227C U227C precedes, double equals
pre 227C U227C precedes, equals
prsim 227E U227E precedes, similar
prurel 22B0 U22B0 element precedes under relation
ratio 2236 U2236 ratio
rtrie 22B5 U22B5 right triangle, equals
rtriltri E359 UE359 right triangle above left triangle
Sc E35D UE35D double succeeds
sc 227B U227B succeeds
scap 227F U227F succeeds, approximate
sccue 227D U227D succeeds, curly equals
scE 227E U227E succeeds, double equals
sce 227D U227D succeeds, equals
scsim 227F U227F succeeds, similar
sdote E319 UE319 equal, dot below
sfrown E426 UE426 small down curve
simg E30C UE30C similar, greater
simgE E338 UE338 similar, greater, equal
siml E30B UE30B similar, less
simlE E337 UE337 similar, less, equal
smid E301 UE301 shortmid
smile 2323 U2323 up curve
smt E339 UE339 smaller than
smte E33B UE33B smaller than or equal
smtes E33D UE33D smaller than or equal, slanted
spar E302 UE302 short parallel
sqsub 228F U228F square subset
sqsube 2291 U2291 square subset, equals
sqsup 2290 U2290 square superset
sqsupe 2292 U2292 square superset, equals
ssmile E303 UE303 small up curve
Sub 22D0 U22D0 double subset
subE 2286 U2286 subset, double equals
subedot E34F UE34F subset, equals, dot
submult E343 UE343 subset, multiply
subplus E341 UE341 subset, plus
subrarr E33F UE33F subset, right arrow
subsim E345 UE345 subset, similar
subsub E349 UE349 subset above subset
subsup E347 UE347 subset above superset
Sup 22D1 U22D1 double superset
supdsub E34C UE34C superset, subset, dash joining them
supE 2287 U2287 superset, double equals
supedot E350 UE350 superset, equals, dot
suphsol E34E UE34E superset, solidus
suphsub E34B UE34B superset, subset
suplarr E340 UE340 superset, left arrow
supmult E344 UE344 superset, multiply
supplus E342 UE342 superset, plus
supsim E346 UE346 superset, similar
supsub E348 UE348 superset above subset
supsup E34A UE34A superset above superset
thkap E306 UE306 thick approximate
thksim E429 UE429 thick similar
topfork E31C UE31C fork with top
trie 225C U225C triangle, equals
twixt 226C U226C between
Vbar E30D UE30D double vert, bar (under)
vBar E310 UE310 vert, double bar (under)
vBarv E312 UE312 double bar, vert over and under
VDash 22AB U22AB double vert, double dash
Vdash 22A9 U22A9 double vertical, dash
vDash 22A8 U22A8 vertical, double dash
vdash 22A2 U22A2 vertical, dash
Vdashl E313 UE313 vertical, dash (long)
vltri 22B2 U22B2 left triangle, open, variant
vprop 221D U221D proportional, variant
vrtri 22B3 U22B3 right triangle, open, variant
Vvdash 22AA U22AA triple vertical, dash