10 Color

10.1 Introduction

All SVG colors are specified in the sRGB color space (see [SRGB]). At a minimum, SVG user agents should conform to the color behavior requirements specified in the Colors chapter of the CSS2 specification (see [CSS2]).

Additionally, SVG documents can specify an alternate color specification using an ICC profiles (see [ICC32]). If ICC-based colors are provided and the SVG user agent support ICC color, then the ICC-based color takes precedence over the sRGB color specification.

For more on specifying color properties, refer to the descriptions of the 'fill' property and the 'stroke' property.

10.2 The 'icc-profile' Property

The 'icc-profile' property identifies the ICC profile which should be used to process all <icc-color> definitions within the current object.

Value:   sRGB | <profile-name> [ <uri> ] | inherit
Initial:   sRGB
Applies to:  all elements
Inherited:  yes
Percentages:  N/A
Media:  visual
Indicates that the currently active ICC profile is sRGB.
<profile-name> [ <uri> ]
Provides a <profile-name> for the profile which is present mainly for caching and performance reasons (e.g., if the profile is already installed on the user's system or is already in use, then don't download the profile from its URL). The <uri> indicates the location of the profile itself. Although optional, the <uri> is recommended in order to guarantee that the given profile will be available to the end user.