W3C::Annotations::Proxy - an HTTP proxy for decorating pages with annotations

AnnoProx is a perl module that is intended to help people build Annotea proxies. It can be extended like most object-oriented perl modules, or be invoked directly:

perl -MW3C::Annotations::Proxy -e httpProxy [-- [options]]

AnnoProx connects to an annotation server for each mime type that it has a prayer of annotating. If it gets back an annotation type that it understands, it will tweak the rendering to reflect that annotation context and body.

See the Perllib page for installation instructions and license infomration.


HTTP Annotea server to consult for annotations.
SQL database to consult for annotations.
Port number to listen on [8080].
Number of sockets to listen with [5].
The CSS associated with the annotation class. ex. -style '.annotation { color: blue; background: grey; } .orphan { color: red; }'
URL to test for rendering. annoprox will markup that document, print the results, and exit(0).
Add a header to be sent when requesting a test URL. This may be invoked multiple times.
Default character encoding if none supplied with the proxied resource. e.g. utf-8 or iso-8859-1
username:password to be used when requesting the test URL.
Flag to compress consequtive whitespaces in html//p prior to applying annotations. This is a work-around for an Amaya bug. Use it if you suspect that most of your annotations were generated by Amaya.
Flag to kill the current server and exit.
Print a brief help message and exit.
Send the manual page to the $PAGER and exit.
Run in debugging mode (don't fork, log to screen).

Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric%2Bannoprox@w3.org>