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W3C NOTE 7 October 1999

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First publication as a W3C Note. The only content changes from the previous version were to alter two WG links to point to a public document and to note the one remaining Member-only link. The 1999-09-20 version differs from the 1999-09-13 version only in the date of publication in the subtitle.

This document is a W3C Note made available by the World Wide Web Consortium. It reports the results of a meeting of a group of W3C Members involved in XML and RDF to advance the general understanding of a unified approach to the expression of Web data models. This document is one response to the Web data architecture discussed in "Web Architecture: Describing and Exchanging Data".

Public comments may be directed to the RDF comments list (archive) or to the XML Schema comments list (archive).

CVS log of status changes

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Revision 1.4  1999/10/08 18:29:51  swick
Correct the latest version URI

Revision 1.3  1999/10/08 17:57:37  swick
Fix the date of publication in the subtitle

Revision 1.2  1999/10/08 17:30:55  swick
Note the relationship to the 1999-09-20 version and the relationship
between the 1999-09-20 and 1999-09-13 versions.

Revision 1.1  1999/10/07 16:11:49  swick
Prepare to publish

Ralph R. Swick