Minutes from W3C WCA Workshop

Boston, MA, November 5, 1998


As part of the WCA Activity, we have a new mailing list called <www-wca@w3.org>. All participants of this WS are automatically subscribed to the list. Please use the list for WS follow-up questions and discussions.


Experiences from HTTP-NG Protocol Design Group

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen

Repository Overview

Marc Abrams

Proxy Benchmark

Pei Cao

Keynote Systems: Commercial Monitoring System

Eric Siegel

TCP/IP Packet Collecting

Anja Feldman

WWW Logs

Bala Krishnamurthy

OCLC: Entire Web Collection

Ed O'Neill

Web Traffic Modeling and Performance Comparison between HTTP/1.0 and 1.1

Zhen Liu

Web Proxy Traffic Modeling

Ghaleb Abdulla

HTTP/1.0 vs HTTP/1.1

Paul Barford

Rate of Change

Fred Douglis

Pending Questions

Discussion Notes

What are the biggest challenges?

Models vs Traces

Log file Formats

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
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