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This document is the launch pad - i.e. Table of Contents for WebApps' Implementation Reports (aka Interoperability Reports). For a complete list of WebApps' specifications see the group's PubStatus page.

Interoperability Data for Specifications in Candidate Recommendation status

The following specifications are in the Candidate Recommendation (CR) status (alphabetical order).

CRs with DRAFT Test Data Report

  1. Web Messaging (2012-May-01); see Test Results repository
    1. All Test Results
    2. Tests that have less than 2 passes
    3. Tests where all implementations fail
  2. Web Sockets (2012-Sep-20); DRAFT Implementation Report
  3. Web Workers (2012-May-01); DRAFT Implementation Report

CRs with NO Test Data Report

  1. DOM Parsing and Serialization (2014-Jun-17); Test Suite
  2. Pointer Lock (2013-Dec-17); Test Suite
  3. Web IDL (2012-Apr-19); Test Suite

Implementation Reports for Specifications in Recommendation Status

Order is most recent Recommendation is listed first:

  1. Server-sent Events (2015-Feb-03); Implementation Report
  2. IndexedDB (2015-Jan-08); Implementation Report
  3. Progress Events (2014-Feb-11); Implementation Report
  4. Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) (2014-Feb-11); [@ToBeFixed Implementation Report]
  5. Widget Interface (2013-Oct-31); Implementation Report
  6. Web Storage (2013-Jul-30); Implementation Report
  7. Digital Signatures for Widgets (2013-Apr-18); Implementation Report
  8. Selectors API Level 1 (2013-Feb-21); Implementation Report
  9. Packaged Web Apps (Widgets) - Packaging and XML Configuration (2nd Edition) (2012-Nov-27); Implementation Report
  10. view-mode Media Feature (2012-Jun-19); Implementation Report
  11. Widget Access Request Policy (WARP) (2012-Feb-07); http://dev.w3.org/2006/waf/widgets-access/imp-report/ Implementation Report]
  12. Element Traversal (2008-Dec-22); Implementation Report