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The WebApps WG has a Charter that runs through 31 July 2016. This document contains potential charter changes to consider if/when the WG re-charters.

For historical data about WebApps' charters, see the WebApps Charter History wiki.

Proposed Additions That Are NOT in Scope

This section is for proposed spec additions where the features are considered NOT in scope of the group's current charter. Currently, there are no such proposals.

Proposed Additions That are IN Scope

The following specs have been proposed as additions and the features are already considered in scope for the group's current charter. These specs are listed here as a reminder they should be explicitly included as deliverables when the group creates a new charter.

Potential Deletions

Should the following specs should be deleted if there are no credible and committed resource(s) to advance the spec on the W3C's Recommendation track?

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Delete the following from the Deliverables section:

  • XHR Level 2

Clarifications Needed