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Latest versions

For a complete list of ongoing issues, see Web Perf tracker.

Performance Timeline related drafts

Name of Spec
(Editor's Draft)
Active Editor
Last Publication Type Tracker Remarks Implementations Plans
High Resolution Time 2
Ilya Grigorik
(frequently) WD issues Needs better definition for time origin.
Performance Timeline 2
Ilya Grigorik
(frequently) WD issues tests
Resource Timing
Jatinder Mann, Arvind Jain
(frequently) WD issues Dependency: HTML5, Web IDL, Performance Timeline pull requests. Moz deployed it as well. tests need review
Support for Service Workers?
Navigation Timing 2
Arvind Jain, Tobin Titus, Przemysław Pietrzkiewicz,
(frequently) WD issues Dependency: HTML5, Web IDL pull requests This will deprecate the first version of nav timing.
User Timing 2
Jatinder Mann
N/A N/A issues
Frame Timing
Michael Blain, Ilya Grigorik
(frequently) WD issues
Server Timing
Ilya Grigorik
TODO N/A issues on TPAC agenda
Entry Types Directory N/A N/A This is referenced by Performance Timeline as the authoritative source for entry types. N/A Keep maintaining it.


Name of Spec
(Editor's Draft)
Active Editor
Last Publication Type Tracker Remarks Implementations Plans
Page Visibility 2
Jatinder Mann, Arvind Jain
N/A N/A issues
Jatinder Mann, Alois Reitbauer
2014-06-24 LC issues moz bug Need to get some tests
Resource Hints
Ilya Grigorik
(frequently) FPWD issues
Ilya Grigorik
N/A N/A issues
Network Error Logging
Ilya Grigorik, Jatinder Mann, Alois Reitbauer
2015-04-23 WD issues Use promises? Merge with resource timing list?
Timing control for script-based animations
James Robinson, Cameron McCormack
2013-10-31 CR This has been merged into HTML. Drop it and publish it as Note?
Cooperative Scheduling of Background Tasks
Ross McIlroy
N/A N/A issues
Efficient Script Yielding
Jatinder Mann, Jason Weber
N/A N/A issues see "Cooperative Scheduling of Background Tasks"
Resource Priorities
Jatinder Mann, James Simonsen
2013-10-29 NOTE This spec was dropped.


Name of Spec
Last Publication Remarks Implementations
Navigation Timing
Zhiheng Wang
2012-12-17 will be deprecated by nav timing 2 caniuse, tests
Performance Timeline
Jatinder Mann
2013-12-12 tests
Page Visibility
Jatinder Mann, Arvind Jain
2013-10-29 caniuse, tests
High Resolution Time
Jatinder Mann
2012-12-17 tests, pull requests
User Timing
Jatinder Mann
Philippe Le Hegaret
N/A This is a microformats page, so not a W3C REC, but we took care of it